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The blessing of windows

As I mentioned previously, We were given three 4x6 picture windows. Two of these we installed in the living room, they are flanking the future fireplace/hearth for the Kuma stove we hope to purchase. The third is horizontal in the kitchen, making a nice seating area with a view.

The two front windows are Pella windows, much like the ones in my parents house, with a picture window in the middle and opening windows on each side. We bought these used three years ago. They have blinds inside the glass. The highlight of all the windows are the two sets of french doors, one for the dining room and one for the Master bedroom.

Installing a window in a log house means first cutting the proper size hole in the wall with the chain saw. this must be precise, which is difficult with a chainsaw, you must make sure the chain is sharp. Secondly, the hole must be chiseled and sanded to be exactly level and perfectly sized for the frame that must be built to go around the window itself. The third is bu…