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What's a Girl To Do? pt 2

She is not as tall as a rose bush,  in a red poka dot  dress, bloomers peeking out from underneath.  Her short, sturdy legs weaving through the long lush grass in undeniable cuteness.   The breeze that plays with her long blond curls, the sort a mother can’t resist stroking,  sends a refreshing breath as I watch her from across the pond.  Wandering through the field aimlessly, she was intent on picking every daisy she could find for the wilting bunch held tightly in her pudgy little hands.  Hands that moments ago held a frog captured by brother, and before that caressed kittens close.

 “ O Lord, teach me to guide this precious little one into womanhood with grace and love.  May she learn to love you with all her heart.  Give me wisdom, Lord, to mold her character day by day, moment by moment.”

Since she was a tiny babe, I would hold her and look into her big blue eyes proclaiming truth into her life, though she did not understand it at the moment, the words I spoke to her everyday  soon became …

What's a Girl To Do? pt 1

Our goal  in raising daughters is for them to love Jesus and embrace a spirit of Biblical femininity.

 In our culture today, a mama must take care not only to nurture femininity in ourselves,
but also in our homes,  and in our daughters.  We need to celebrate the gentle feminine side as God’s gift to us.

 But in our hectic hard-driven society it’s easy to lose track.
I do not force our girl’s into a "cookie-cutter" mold of what I think a godly, feminine daughter should look like.  Instead I allow them to be themselves, and encourage them to be the best they can be.
Godly femininity may be gentle and tender, as I encourage my daughters to be in all that they do, but it is far from weak.  Emily Barnes has said very well,
“Filling our lives with loveliness takes physical stamina, emotional strength, and spiritual courage.  Beautiful women of all ages have shaped the world with the power of their femininity.  When we make the effort to cultivate such gentle strength, we not only enr…

Rain, Rain, What a Day!

Rain.  More rain.
I believe we have had 4 or 5 sunny days this month.  Waking to another gray, dreary, soggy morning makes me feel like Eyore; slumped shoulders, countenance downcast. 
If this were October, we would expect it, and cope with it much better.  But this is June.  Summer. It doesn’t seem right.  Or fair.
Why does the weather effect us so?  What is it that is so discouraging about the lack of sunshine?   Why are we so bothered by what seems to be unjust?
I think it is our very soul, crying out that life wasn’t supposed to be this way.
We were made for something else, somewhere else.  We long for the place or time where all is right, good, just, fair. 
We long for heaven.
It is deep in our very nature to long for an eternal day with no more crying,  no more sorrow.  Or rain.

" There is coming  day
When no heartache shall come…

..All is peace forever more
on that happy golden shore.."

I recall my grandma singing bluegrass and hymns when I was a child.  I alwa…

He's My Super Hero

Every home that includes a Godly daddy is blessed indeed.
                                                   Who else will unselfishly lead us?
                                               Who else can tickle and play chase like him?               

 The best memories of our childhood will be those we spent with you.

"My prince did come....his name is daddy." -Anna
 "This is my daddy,  and my best friend." -Ben

"My dad is a super hero.  I love him." -Joe

Happy Father's Day dads.   May the Lord bless you and make you great.  May you rejoice over your children all your life.  May you be like a tree planted by the rivers of water whose leaf does wither and whatever you do prospers. (Psalm 1)

Romancing the Home

No one told  me it would be so.  I never imagined it would happen this way. When we were first married, and sooooo in love, I probably wouldn’t have even believed it.  The truth, marvelous and amazing, is that after 21 years, marriage has just continued to become sweeter with each year.

There is a oneness now, that can hardly be expressed.   We think alike.  We share the same values.  We hardly ever disagree, except about sweet pickles.  We can speak on behalf of one another because we know how the other thinks.  We keep a constant loving interest in whatever the other does.  We are one in mind, soul and spirit.

Who could have imagined such powerful emotions, such deep connection, except the author of marriage himself.  He is the One who created marriage to bring joy, to be the happiest, fullest, purest, richest life.  It is God’s own ideal of completeness.

Romance in the home has kept our relationship alive and more intimate with each passing year.  The brush of a hand across his back as I walk p…

Men In Training

It has been said that the mother of a boy works from son up till son down.

But, the father of sons has even more responsibility in raising boys to be men.
  And so, raising 5 boys has brought us to have a fervent and consistent prayer life!
"Of whom much is given, much is required."
Each son is a gift, one that requires some untangling before before becoming an arrow fit for service.  This responsibility of parents requires us to lean on our Heavenly Father for wisdom, strength, patience and grace.  In and of ourselves, it cannot be done.
God is using our children to sanctify us as we parent them.  When we are stumped for what to do, we must turn to Him who is Wisdom.  When our capacity to be patient is empty , it is He who refills.

A wise father trains his children, by the principle of Deuteronomy 6:7, when he sits, when he walks, when he is at table, when he lies down... he is mentoring and teaching, growing little men into disciples who love Jesus. 

 Boys will be boys, unl…

Restless Wandering

My heart was restless,  I wanted something… but what?  I felt a stirring to do something, go somewhere; maybe out to glide through my favorite thrift stores in search of that unknown item awaiting me, or perhaps bake up some delectable morsel to tantalize my taste buds.  What was it I longed for?  As I was perusing the possibilities, my eyes drifted toward the open Bible laying beside me.  I was drawn  in, like a wandering lamb. I could not keep my eyes from searching…there was something here, calling me.

“The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.”

It was the 23 Psalm that I had been looking at earlier.  Was I discontent?  Was I wanting when I shouldn’t?  What did it mean?  I looked up the cross reference verses, hungry to know.  I found myself first in Isaiah 40:11,
“He shall feed his flock like a shepherd, he shall gather the lambs in his arms, and carry them in his bosom, and shall gently lead those that are with young.”
  I was riveted to the last line.  Gently leading me, the one …

A Daddy-Daughter Date

There is something very enticing about a man who delights in children.  I love it when Brian takes the girls on a date.  The girls love it.  When the announcement is made, the lodge tingles with the excitement and chatter.

Daughters need their daddy's Godly affection, affirmation, and attention

.  I am so grateful that our daddy is willing to be the man, and train up his children to fear and love the Lord.

Simplifying Mama

There is a slow steady rhythm, like a heartbeat.  Gone is the ebb and flow of a harried pace.  There is a quietness.  Margin.  Time to sit and observe the children, to see behind their actions, into the heart.  Stillness to ponder the ways of God.  Priorities have their proper place, God, husband, children, ministry.             We have simplified mama.
 We have taken away the idols, projects, urgent but unimportant time stealers, sports programs, community involvement, and in their place reigns Simplicity.

The Lord has spoken to my heart, teaching me, through a myriad of ways and people that keeping margin in my day is essential. I used to schedule my days absolutely full, thinking I was making the most of life.  As if I were training for an “Industrious Woman of the Year Pageant.”
“Be still, and know that I am God.

Where can we find time to be still?  The  whirling culture we live in screams at us to do more, buy more,  and fit more into our lives.  Not surprising to me is the resul…