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It's Your Kindness

Kindness.  Is that the one word people would use to describe me? 
I asked some of my children.
They had some nice answers, but "kind" was not one of them.
I am not surprised. 
I know that is something the Lord is teaching me about.
It could become the word for the year. Kindness is one of the qualities that God cherishes in women.

  In Titus 2, the older women are to teach the younger women, "to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed." 
The word "good", is also translated, "kind".
I am learning about this word
and what it should look like displayed in my life.
  In Carolyn Mahaney's book, Feminine Appeal, the vision to be kind and good is clearly stated in a way that struck me with awe. Kindness, she says, "is a sincere desire for the happiness of others, while goodness is the activity calculated to advance that …

Day Journal 4

Babies are so much fun.  Olivia is smiling, goo-ing, and spending most of her time being adorable. She is already 8 weeks old!  
We had a busy weekend with three of our children involved in a Bible Quiz competition,  which Brian, myself and Olivia traveled to watch.  If you are not familiar with Bible Quizzing,  it is a fun and innovative way to hide God's Word in your heart.  Designed for children 9-19, teams of 5-7 persons compete to answer questions or quote verses in a timed match.  This year, they are memorizing the book of John.  Each team member learns select chapters, so that the entire book is covered, then, when they compete, quizzers jump to answer quickest.   After the match, we enjoyed a fellowship dinner together with the other teams and their families.   I took a beautiful salad, that I wish we would have taken a photo of, but didn't.  It was such a hit, however, that I want to tell you about it.  It is called, Chinese Chicken salad, made for a crowd with a bag of ba…

A War at Home

There has been a war going on in our home for the last few days.  Inclement weather will bring it on every time.   You probably know this as well,  if you have boys in your home.   It had been raining for a week on our 2 plus feet of snow, making outdoors a sloggy mess.  By day two Joe, Jim, and Ben needed an outlet for their boyish energy.  Fortunately, big brother was home,  and kept stealing away to an outbuilding in a surreptitious manner.   All wondered what was going on, when he revealed, with a wicked grin, a cache of weapons of mass destruction:  rubber band guns.

The guns started out simple in design,   one for each little man in the house.   Then the war began, little men against big brother.  Barricades and a plague of rubber bands  now fill our 3 story home.   Tactical maneuvers escalate and the weapons of war continually evolving.

On day four of this crazy, all consuming war, the latest weapon emerged; a 25 round machine gun.

(Eye protection is strongly advised, should your sons fol…

31 Days

I am most desperately in love with my husband.  He is the love of my life, my best friend, my knight in shining armor.
  He is a remarkable man. 

I like to do nice things for him to show him, tell him, how I adore him. Yesterday marked 30 days until Valentines Day.  This year I am giving my dear, sweet husband  30 days of love notes.  My messages of adoration may appear anywhere, and each note tells him one thing I cherish about him.  The final note will come on Valentines Day.

We wives need to seek ways to prize, cherish, and enjoy our husband.  As we do so, our heart will be filled  with love and affection for him. It is also our honor to pray daily for our husband, lifting him up before the throne of the Most Holy.
Somewhere, a long time ago, I obtained a list of 31 days of prayer for my husband.  I go through it every now and then.  It seems like the perfect time to do so again. I want to share this with you, inviting you to join me  in 31 days of prayer for the man in your life…

To Love Your Husband

"The aged women likewise, that they be in behavior as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things; that they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed."  Titus 2:3-5

When I look at "to love their husbands" in the verses above, I must ask, What is Love?  I love food, tea, my cozy bed.  I love my children, my parents, and my enemies. I love a good game of scrabble,  my horse, and visits with friends. 
The English language fails us when we have only one word to describe the many differing feelings associated with strong emotion, that which we call love. If you have been around Biblical preaching much, you have probably heard the Greek terms for love,  Phileo and Agape.  Phileo describes a tender love between close friends.  Agape refers to a self sacrificing love.  …

life with sick children

We have been sharing the influenza  with each other this past week.  It is working, slowly making it's way through the family. I thought it might be helpful to a young mama out there  to share how we are managing. Rose, Joe, Jim and Ben have been sick, and, yesterday, our toddler, Gabe, and the baby, Olivia, became ill with a fever and aches.  What can you do when the baby has a fever and is only comforted by being held?
The first thing to do, is pray.   Our heavenly Father knows, and is interested in, even the smallest details of our lives.  He cares that you are overwhelmed  and need another set of hands.  Pray for wisdom and strength.  Give thanks that you have sick ones to care for.  Because of sin, we have sickness.  Because of Christ, we have restoration; physically, emotionally, spiritually. Praise the LORD!
Secondly, mentally plan what can be done, so that when you have an opportunity, you can jump to it.   Plan what you can throw in the oven or crock pot for dinner.  Something easy and quick.  …

Day Journal 3

We awoke to a frigid 8 degrees outside this morning.   With the cold, came a flu bug slowly working it's way through the family.  Three are down with fever and chills,  bundled up in front of the fire.  It is a slow, quiet day...except for a certain cow poke:

We have been reading "Down the long Hills" by Louis L'Amour, a story about two children who survived an Indian raid on a wagon train and are on the track to Fort Bridger by themselves. The tail is full of cowboys, trackers, Indians, grizzlies, and mountain men.   It has Ben imagining the glories of cowboy life.  He looks pretty  handsome in that hat, don't ya think?

Someone thought Gabe needed some sweetening up.   I think he is  awfully sweet already, and cute as a bugs ear.  I may be a little biased though. 
Today we are reading, napping,  and playing legos in front of the fire.   I am making macaroni and cheese, sipping tea, and cuddling with our sweet little bundle.   She is 6 weeks old already.   The time of new…

From our Home to Yours

I invite you to nestle up with a cup of tea  for down to earth chit chat, and the best photos of the week, from our  home to yours.
We are back into school and a daily routine, which is a very pleasant change of pace.  Anna helps with the little ones; Bethany and Gabe, at one end of the table, and we tag team to help Ben.
Just in case you love this little green dress as much as I do,  I did a search on ebay for "girls smocked dress," with her size, and found page after page of wholesome dresses, most unaffordable, but a few were very reasonable.  We were able to get this one for under $15 including shipping.

John has been occupied with his trap line.   It takes him 4-6 hours a day to run it.  Yesterday, he got his first beaver of the season.  This one hadn't drowned in the set, which would make it permissible to eat.  Beaver meat is the highest protein meat available, just so you know, in case you are ever in a survival situation.  We did not eat it, just to clarify. :-)    Jo…