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My Glass Half Full

"Ooooh," Benjamin (a.k.a. Eeyore) moaned from the couch,  where he lay covered in cold compresses on multiple stings. "Why does everything bad happen to me?" "Everything bad?"  I asked. He went on to mention half a dozen scrapes and owies he has sustained being the red neck kid he is, not to mention the current itching wounds.
"Your glass must be half empty,"  I said, sitting down on the couch next to him.    "but really," I went on,  patting his skinny bare leg,  noticing his grubby bare toes as I continued;  "Your glass is half FULL!   Just think of all the good and beautiful things in your  life- just today!   He had a hard time with this,  so I started him off..... did you wake up this morning?   Yes?  That is GOOD!   Did you have a good meal to start your day?   Yes?  That, too, is GOOD!   Do you have parents who love you?   Well, there is another one.  You are already leaps ahead of most of the boys in the world your age.   …

What Love Is This

Sometimes,  a song comes along that resonates so closely with my soul  that I am moved to play and replay the song,  soaking in it like weary body in a hot bath. 
 Six times at top volume,  and it isn't enough. 
 I must  testify.
 I must share.

 Listen,  and may you too, be blessed.

Of Books, Uncles, and Dirt

When Uncle Carl comes to visit,  he wisely brings a pile of wonderful children's books of the finest quality. The children soon learn that if Uncle Carl is sitting, they can climb aboard for a story,  or two,  or three... or seven, as the case may be.

Captivated by a new story,  they all listen rapturously.   I caught even the older children peeking over his shoulder more than once.

Even Olivia would sit still for, well, several seconds, anyway, to listen.   Then she would be off to toddle around and get into trouble, mostly,  but back again shortly to listen for a minute more.   I think Uncle Carl is more patient than I.
Joe and Jim were spellbound by a new book they had never seen before.  

Besides reading to the children,  we enjoyed several walks and a late night hike with our house guest,  he taking beautiful pictures all along the way.

Every once in a  great while, you may find a soul with whom your soul connects.   One who understands you, and you understand them.   This …

These Long Summer Days

These long summer days, filled with pleasurable activities, are each celebrated for the glorious memory making moment that they are; whether shelling peas together on the porch, partaking of a bountiful picnic in a park, strolling through the grass on a lovely evening,  having special "help" from Olivia with the baking,  or admiring the beautiful Idaho countryside.

Some days are filled work work and sweat,  as we work to improve our yard and landscape the old fashioned -by hand- way. Even in our dirt covered efforts,  there is something so satisfying and contented about summer.   It is time to do the random,  to hold a loose pace,  to linger in the fading sunlight even though the dishes and goats are waiting. There is something so leisurely, so relaxed... making the long days welcome.
We are relishing in it.  Glorying in it. Some days really productive, others quite lazy. The busy season of harvest and schooling will soon be upon us,  so for now,  every moment of these summ…