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The Gospel Primer, my new Obsession

Shortly before Christmas,  some dear friends gave us a copy of The Gospel Primer, by Milton Vincent. This is my new obsession.   It is perhaps the greatest resource I have ever come across.   In 41 prose, Vincent lays out the gospel clearly, completely, and concisely.

We just ordered our second boxful and are quickly emptying it,  giving the primer out to nearly everyone we know or encounter.  It is that good.

            CJ Mahaney said,
"If there is anything we should be passionate about, 
it is the gospel...  passionate about thinking on it, 
dwelling on it, 
rejoicing in it, 
allowing it to color the way we look at the world."

We need the gospel every day
 to keep us from falling into a performance relationship with God.
 This little book has not only helped us to know the gospel,
but also to love the gospel and see how it applies to every area of our lives.  We have been reading it aloud to our family nearly every morning after breakfast,
thereby preaching the gospel to ourselves dai…

Favorite Quotes for Parenting

"Children's minds are like gelatin;  you've got to put in all the good stuff before it sets" -unknown

"I like to think of my children's souls like a treasure chest  and have sought to fill their souls with substance of excellence,  beauty, life changing thoughts and ideas, the best books,  the most beautiful stores and literature, fine music and concerts,  science and creation, loving, sacrifice, serving,  great people and ministry opportunities."   -Sally Clarkston
"A true home is set up so that all its life is ordered for definite purpose of training, building up
and sending out human lives fashioned into symmetry,
filled with lofty aspirations, governed by principles of rectitude and honor
 and fitted to enter upon the duties and struggles of life with wisdom and strength."
-JR. Miller

 These are some of  the thoughts that inspire me and fill me with motivation to keep on keeping on,
to do the hard things when I feel like giving up or giving in.

March Day Journal

These past days  have been normal, full, lovely days,  so much like each other that it is hard to remember which day was what.   Snow has been softly falling most everyday.   The wood cook stove is a charming and useful addition,  we are so thankful to have it up and running on these cold, single digit mornings.  So far, I have baked bread and cooked chicken in the oven,  and several things on the stove top. 

 Brian fixed my rocker and it now sits next to the wood cook stove, a nice warm place to read aloud to the children from our current history book,  "The Light and The Glory", by Peter Marshall and David Manuel,  as my students take notes and listen at the table.   We are reading about the Puritans, which I find fascinating and inspiring.   Cotton Mather and John Winthrop's lives are some of the most extraordinary examples of godly men I have ever read. Every day I look forward to our history reading,  and in between times I may read the chapter a second time.   I d…