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Our Sweet Grandbaby

Can words capture the heart of a mama when she holds her grandbaby for the first time?  
I think not. 
No, there are no words. 
 Tears of joy and happiness for our son and daughter,  gratitude for a safe and healthy  home birth,  but no words to convey the emotion that courses through a body holding the tiny sweet bundle,  made from my flesh and blood, yet not mine...entirely.   Part of me, yet not implicitly.
She,  Shiloh Anne,  is the sweetest, most precious little one...and here she is, all 7lbs and 12 oz.

I am speechless... But if a picture can communicate a thousand words....

...You'll know that it was love at  first sight.

With a heart full,
GRANDMA Julianne

Vacation Memories at the Lake Cabin

We just spent an entire week at a remote lake cabin completely unplugged.   Had it been in Idaho, I might have stayed there.   I can easily identify with the hermit lifestyle;  quiet, peaceful, lots of time for pondering and planning (some of my favorite pastimes)  and did I say quiet? 
We were so blessed with beautiful weather  the whole week.   And, we thoroughly enjoyed it while we were gazing at the lake,  either from the porch or from a boat. 

Here at home, a large storm is brewing, with one of the blackest clouds we have ever seen here  heading right our way.   The trees are will hit here soon.   Therefore, the children have come inside from their afternoon excursions
 and are gathered at the table to color and listen to an audio book...
..the perfect rainy afternoon activity.

With a pot of soup simmering on the stove for dinner,  I thought I would quickly add our vacation pictures while my bread is rising,  so here goes....

Lake life is easy to get attached to.   W…