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Benefits of Children Raising Livestock

Rose adores her goats.  
She now has four years of goat tending.  Currently she owns three alpine/nubians and one lamoncha.  This farmer-wanna-be takes complete care of  the goats. When their pen needs fixin, she is responsible.   She did bribe some local help, though.

Together they doubled the pen size, which will be nice for the winter.   In the meantime, they are staked out every day on free food consisting of grass, tree branches,  brush and plenty of weeds, all in abundance here.
This hand feed orphan thinks she is a puppy,  and follows Rose everywhere..including getting in to Rose's car whenever Rose does.   Although Rose is very fond of her baby, she still does not prefer goat kisses.

Pretty adorable, and milk and cheese to boot.

I am a big fan of children raising livestock. Growing up in a 4-H predominate culture myself, I see the value in caring for animals.   Children who are brought up with tending livestock have an early maturity in dependability, responsibility and sp…

We Build A Rocket Stove

The last few weeks have been full of fun and blessings.   Our married daughter, Anna, has been visiting us while her husband is gone on a trip,  that has been delightful...well, for us that is...she still misses her husband terribly.

Rose has been perfecting the art of home made goat cheese. We are getting so much milk from her two does, we have extra to make cheese once a week.  Next, a cheese press for harder cheeses.
With the amazing weather, we have been outdoors.
 We have been working in the garden, burning slash piles from the winter logging, fixing up the homestead, and just sitting on the summer porch enjoying each other.
We also went to the Air Show at Fairchild.  It was incredible!!

Here is one happy 10 year old in a Black Hawk:
"A BLACK HAWK, mom!!  I was sitting in the pilot seat of a BLACK HAWK!!!!" 

Today, Jim decided he wanted to make a mini Rocket Stove.
 It happened to be daddy's day off, so they went to work ravaging my pantry for the right sized cans…