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Building A Woodshed

This month we have spent Brian's days off building a wood shed together.   It has been a trying, satisfying, rewarding project.  Firstly, we planned where we would build the shed; facing away from the weather and near the cabin. Secondly, we discussed how we would build it, including a field trip to a local log built shed we admired, giving the children an idea of what we were about to undertake. Day One: Brian and the boys selected smallish dead standing lodgepole on our property,  cut it down, and hauled it back to the lodge.   Meanwhile, I darted into town to purchase pier blocks and screws. Once home, Brian and I used the dumpy level to figure the length of our 6 support logs.   Next, Jim used the brace and bit to drill holes for the logs to accept re-bar off the pier blocks.

Our shed is 10 x 20.  We used three logs in front and three in back, with a fall ratio of 5/12 for the shed roof.  Most of the cost for this shed is the 8 inch Torq screws we used to fasten everything tog…

Boys Will Be Boys

Life with boys.
  Adventurous.  Dangerous.  Gross.  Funny.   and Amazing!
The pictures say it all...


Then there is this classic...

And last but not least....

Yup, that pretty much sums it up.