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Life at the Lodge Last Week

Last week went by in a is why:

The new goat babies are here... Marshall and Moses joined little Mabel in the goat pen last week,  They are just her size, only she is two weeks older.   Rose had to play midwife and pull both of these babies,  who are doing very well along with their mama.  

Aren't they adorable??   We will be rich in goat milk in a few short weeks.
Besides playing and gentling these cuties, we have been doing some big cooking.
I enjoy cooking and hospitality.   Here is one way that I serve in the church body with these gifts:
Every Wednesday, I cook dinner for about 30 people  who come to our "Family Fellowship" night at the church.   Last week, we ( myself and with the children's help)  oven fried 20 lbs of chicken,
according to my dear friend, Enola Gay's recipe, and oh, was it good!!!   Enola is a very good cook who has her own cookbook.  I highly recommend it.   We served the chicken with baked potatoes, and,
having bought the chi…

Birthday Blessings

Benjamin Creed

March is a big birthday month in our family.   I counted six birthdays in the extended family. After putting up the crepe paper, balloons and birthday banner,  we started fixing pizzas for the 20 some guests, mostly family.   Rose and Joe are the main pizza chefs.   Joe prepared his specialty:  BBQ chicken pizza,  Rose made the Pepperoni, and we all worked on the Jalapeno Popper Pizza,  which we copied from Anna, who had just tried it the week before with great success.

 When the food was ready,  Daddy prayed a special blessing on the birthday boy, Ben, who is turning 11 years old.

 After dinner-- cake, of course...except our boy wanted banana splits instead,  so we put his candles in his ice cream.   He was quite pleased with it.

Long ago we started a tradition of giving the same gifts to each boy at a certain age.   This has worked very well...and the children look forward  to the day they will be old enough to get  ______, as if it has become a right of passage.  It…