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The flooring battle

As summer is ending, and we haven't spent much time working on the lodge, we planned a few weeks "vacation" from the ministry to devote to getting the flooring (and hopefully chinking) done before the rains and winds of fall ruin our lumber.

We bought a pine/spruce 2x6 tongue and groove to do the floors with, largely because the fir we desired was too expensive. So, in the end, we found the soft wood to look fine, but be a bear to install, as it had so many twisted boards per unit, that culling it out to #1s, 2s and 3s, left a bigger 3 pile than the 1s or 2s.

The Ross family, from SPUR HARDWOOD came out and showed us how to install the flooring with the tricks of the trade, then, the Ross's stayed and helped with their "young man" power.(Thanks Steven and Alex!)

We stained the beveled side the same "natural" stain as we used on the outside of the house and the floor joists. We also choose specific boards to go in front of the main door and down the h…