Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Time To Get To Work… Again!!!

With the possibility that it may stop snowing soon (Oh Lord… please?), we are gearing up for work at the lodge this week. By the grace of God everything but our storage tent made it through the 4 feet of snow that we had at the lodge. The solar panels have kept the batteries that made through last winter in tip top shape. Hopefully by end of the week we will have the electrical service in to the house from the generator/battery shed. It will be nice to get rid of the long heavy extension cords we've been using for three years. We should also have one functional toilet by the end of the week. A real plus with a family of ten and often times some friends out working!! Yes… it's time to get to work at Providence Lodge again!

"Lord, thank you for your faithfulness to us. Thank you for providing exactly what we need, when we need it, to build this, Your home. May this home be a beacon of hope to many and a refuge to those who need it! May Your name be extolled. Amen!"

Monday, March 2, 2009

walking in winter

Life with Gabe

Gabe is already two months old! My how the time does fly. We have been completely caught up in spoiling Gabe. Everyone does their best. He gets well over 100 kisses a day, mostly from his two year old sister, but the rest of us contribute as well. Babies are such a blessing and so wonderfully sweet! Our home will be amiss when we do not have a baby present. It is such a peaceful, joyfull feeling to have a baby all snuggled up to you, or staring straight into your eyes, or smiling and gooing at you as you speak to him. It is amazing how God has made such a little bundle so small and precious, who desires to interact with you and know you. I concur with Marilla, who said, "Every baby is the sweetest and the best!"

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