Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer Is Running Away....

Summer is running away with me,
 not unlike my first, and only, water skiing trip, 
whereupon I lost my footing- but held to the rope-
as the boat jetted across the lake, 
with me dragging and water skipping behind.

I am fairly lost without a daily routine, you see, 
and this summer has been one of constant coming and going of various people to the lodge,
 all good, 
but leaving me very unorganized and having that haunting feeling
 that I have forgotten something important.. somewhere...but what? and where?

Well, we are having a grand summer.  
If you have been wondering where I have been,
 outside of course! 

 I LOVE the out of doors, you know,
 and find every possible excuse to be out there with the children,
 who have been enjoying the fantastic weather this season has brought us.

Summer is the time that the children live in their swimsuits,
(we have both a pond and an inflatable pool)
 eat on the porch two or three times a day,
 and sleep outside in the grass or tent, and occasionally come inside.

For me, there are berries to be picked, animals to care for, 
parents to visit with, (having just moved them to our neck of the woods)
yard work to be done, children to watch and be read to, 
a lovely walk through the woods calling me,
  a rocking chair on the porch that begs to have my company. 

There are also apricots and tomatoes to can
 as well as other preparations for winter, 
such as putting together winter wardrobes for the six younger children. 
 I usually work all summer on this 
so that I can turn my attention to canning in August and September
 and still have the needed warm clothes for our long and cold winters ready by October.

In less than quiet moments, ( I do have 7 children at home)
I have been reading Psalm 95 to 105 over and over again these past weeks,
 finding joy and encouragement there.
I especially like 103.  I do hope you can take a moment to read it as well.

"Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me.
Bless His holy name."

Summer is bound to keep swirling around me, 
and the idealist in me keeps hoping I can find my legs and manage to ride it through gracefully.
The realist in me thinks that is not very likely.
Oh well, God is GOOD....ALL the time!

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