Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Back In The Land Of The Living

Well, Hello There!

Firstly, Thank you so much for all the kind and caring emails during my long absence!  
What an encouragement ya' all are!

Secondly, I have had a serious extended illness since July that has really, 
really been a difficult thing to live with and get anything beyond 
getting dressed each day a possibility. 
 But, Praise the Lord, 
I am back to feeling well, and so very, very grateful to have energy, vitality,
 and reasonably good health.

So, to catch up, everything has gone along fairly well, regardless. 
 The children and my dear husband have picked up where I left off, 
doing the cleaning, cooking, laundry and anything else necessary to keep the household functioning. Meanwhile, I was posted in a comfy chair only able to give encouragement and counsel.  
They did a remarkable job but are very glad to have mama back in the kitchen, 
taking walks, able to be out and about and physically functional!  

And my, have they grown in the last 6 months! 
 Jim passed me up in height around Christmas, Ben gaining on me rapidly. 
Olivia turned 5 (Ack!) - Gabe had his 7th birthday, 
Scott and Anna came for a visit with little Mary,
Shiloh is talking in full sentences,
We got a scruffy little puppy,
Brian and I both have more grey hair,
 and Rose is home from College. 

 Now that you know everything, here are some pics.

Ben is a regular at filling the soup pot

Jim shot the buck of a lifetime

Scott, Anna, and Mary visiting Idaho

John, Michelle and Shiloh bought a little farm just a few miles down the road

Rose and a sweet friend

building an igloo

too cute!!

Blessings to Ya' all,
with the promise it won't be months before another post!


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