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Making Progress

We are making some progress!!
What we thought would take a week turned into a month long process, but we are mostly done with our immense porch.
It is 12 feet wide and the full 36 feet width of the lodge.
One of the reasons we built it so big, was so that it would be in scale with the rest of the house.
The second reason is that most porches, in my experience, aren't big enough to do what a porch should do.
Our current 8 foot wide dining room isn't big enough to get around the table while everyone is seated, so I figured 8 foot wouldn't be wide enough for seating around a picinic table either, without someone falling off the porch in the process.
We situated the lodge so that the front side is the non weather side, and will be the cool side of the house as well. So in the summer, it will be a fine place for dinner on a hot day. In the winter, it will be the best place to stack an abundance of firewood in a handy out of the weather spot.
By the time we gather a dozen people…