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Sanding & Finishing the First Floor

When we took the log builders class, the model house is built with 2x6 T&G, which provide both a solid flooring and the T&G ceiling for the floor below. We did this using the least expensive wood which was pine. We know that pine is very soft so we have been concerned that it won't hold up. We would have liked to go with a red fir which is harder, but that was too costly for our budget. But, low and behold, once the floor was sanded and stained, we were very pleased with the results.

We borrowed a low speed cirular floor sander from a friend, bought the sanding screens and went to work. We also had our little ones help with the hand sander, which they were excited to do! Next, our daughter wiped and "tacked" the floor with a wet cloth, rubbing the grain to pop it , which makes it accept the stain better. This we learned from our friend that has the sander.

We then chose a dark stain for a rustic, old time cabin look, and adding a variety to the same-all-over natura…