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Winter Storm Survival

It is that time of year again.
 The snow is falling as I speak.
With the last few snow storms have come various power outages in our area.
  We are not effected by such a crisis since we are off-grid.  Checking in with our neighbors, they are all snug and cozy around a warm wood burning stove,  or are comfortably watching TV because they have a backup generator.
However, outside our little redneck community, some folks might not be faring so well.  I remember an ice storm many years ago that left most of the Northwest stranded  without power for more than a week.

People died.
Truth is, a little preparation goes a long ways.
I have been thoroughly indoctrinated by my dear sweet friend, Enola Gay, and thus, have a handle on some simple preparations that may make life possible and bearable during a winter storm in which one loses power for great lengths of time.

First, one must have a non-electric heat source. A few clicks, and I'm on the Lowe's web page,
where a person can get …

First Snow

As the first snowflakes of the season fall,

the tradition begins,  with the children crafting paper snowflakes....

 ...and as if that wasn't fun enough,  we then make the sugar cookies. Every year the same,  but different.


Messy kitchen, happy kids. Sigh,  it has been a great day!

Wedding Preparations

With less than three weeks until Anna and Scott's wedding,  we are making all the final preparations, mapping these last days out.  We have done our research and tried to find the best bargains available  to make the most of our wedding budget.
Our flowers are coming from Costco online,  where you can buy flowers, or in our case,  pale pink roses,  by the hundred.  

Since Anna is a regular candle-holic, and a die hard romantic,  we will have plenty of candles for the wedding decor.   I looked and looked for the best buy on bulk candles,  and came up with, where one can buy 2x6 pillar candles for $2.50 a peice,  and other such wondrous finds.
We have rented tablecloths, at long last, finding Blue Ribbon laundry to have the best price. The china, punch cups, and chaffing dishes are from AtoZ rental.  I have asked the wedding coordinator to pick those up for us the day before the wedding.
I bought the flower girl dresses on ebay, quick and easy,  and having made my o…

Savoring Saturdays

Autumn rains pouring forth outdoors,
wood fire crackling inside,
the lodge is hushed from the usual comradere of littles,
  and the clamor of a big household.
 I adore Saturdays.
 This is the day of the week I often look forward to the most.
 The day where my cozy, nesty side comes out
and gets to putter about, which I find romantic.

First of all, I love Saturdays because it is a great opportunity to pamper my family a bit.
The children get to sleep in.
This means a quiet, slow morning for me,
(and Olivia, who is always my alarm clock being the morning person she is).
The boys awaken to the weekly radio programs at Moody Radio,
 which they listen to in their room
while I make the children a big ol breakfast full of scrumptious yummies
to celebrate the arrival of the weekend.
We have worked hard all week,
and today is a special day
unlike the other weekdays.

I take great comfort in this a weekly ritual.
It is something to look forward to.
We are creating something special and beautifu…