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Venison Steak For Dinner

 Just saying the word makes my mouth water.   Venison is our favorite meat, and happens to be the meat we fairly live off of. 
 It always perplexes me when folks get a deer, then go to the work of butchering it, then it sits in the freezer all winter while they buy meat at the store to feed their family.   We LOVE venison!   Our family brings in 5 or 6 deer a season,  keeping us in meat so that we may eat venison three times a week, rarely having beef. After living this way for years and years our kids think beef is weird.   They say it has a funny taste to it. 
Although I interchange  ground venison for ground beef in any recipe, (and guests never know)  there are a few special recipes in which we especially love our venison.   On the top of the list is something we call "Schaffer Steak".  
You see, years ago Mr and Mrs Schaffer came over to our house one night,  bringing dinner in a great big covered dish.   This was his steak recipe, served over mashed …

From Idaho to Africa!

Well, she's gone.   Our dear Rose and her sweet friend, Brenna are in route as I write.   From Idaho, to Seattle, to Amsterdam, to Entebbe, to Jinja.   It is about a 25 hour plane trip to Uganda, Africa where they will spend the next three weeks  ministering with some very dear folks, Paul and Pam Hunter of Next Generation ministries.   I'm stealing some photos fromRose's blog....but better yet,  I hope you wander your way over there and see for yourself what God is doing  in this young ladies heart!   I am so excited for Rose and Brenna, but I am going to miss Rose dearly!  She is such a vibrant soul...I will be missing all the laughs and great talks,   the singing together and being together.

Meanwhile, I am preparing for our annual women's retreat,  where I will be sharing the weekend with around 30 other ladies, and,  I will be speaking for two of the four sessions.   You know, the great thing about preparing a lesson to share, is that in the preparation,  God doe…

The Necessity of Afternoon Tea

"Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth,  for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire:  it is the time for home." - Dame Edith Sitwell

I like this quote, but I think I could replace "winter" with "teatime."

Teatime is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth,
for the touch of a friendly hand and for talk beside the fire;
 it is the time for home.

 Yes, that suits just fine.

My favorite part of the  day comes around 2:30 every afternoon.   It is that of tea time at our home.   The children most likely have been rambling about the woods,  and are glad for a warming cup of goodness,  followed by some sort of treat to keep the famished over until dinner.

This tradition, I unabashedly admit,  I stole from my dear friend, Enola Gay,  whose home life has inspired me so much over the years we have been friends. 

 Tea time is more for the soul than the goodies,  although goodies are always appreciated,
like these light Hon…