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A Porch Lends Perspective

We have been anticipating beginning work on the front porch for a LONG time. I think the gable on the porch will add balance to the seemingly really tall box that we have built for our home.

The gable will also allow the rain and snow to drop off away from the steps and entrance, however, it added difficulty to the construction process. We are still working out how the angles work with the roof metal. We began the porch process with Brian's dad, Stan, leveling off the sill log so that we could then bolt on a ledger board.

Brian used our friend's excavator to hoist the beefy columns into place, as well as the horizontal logs which lay on top of the columns.

             Rose, Joe and John helped nail the joist hangers into place, using a palm nailer, a very cool tool!

All the boys worked together to peel the rafters, and various helpers to get them into place.
For the moment, we have plywood laid down for a deck, but a stack of 2x6 doug fir sits next to the porch awaiting ins…

Getting the porch started, multigenerationally.

Brian and Julianne celebrating 19 years of wedded bliss.
another blessing; expecting baby #8 around Christmas!
Quality Control Inspector, Bethany

Brian's dad, Stan (Grampy), flattening the sill log for the front porch ledger
Working together getting the porch joists set.
We had tons of fun at this stage, when there were  a lot more safe ways for the younger children to help.  They have been itching to use power tools and wear their tool belts for some time now. We are so blessed to have grandparents come and help,  work alongside the children,  and be a part of our huge multigenerational project.

The Family at Work

Ma and Rose finishing up the chinking on the outside
Joe and Jim sand the chinking splatters

Jim... working hard!!
Dad, Rose, & John setting joists for the front porch
The boys peeling logs for the rafters to be used on the front porch.
What a joy to work together, experience this once in a lifetime project together,  and have the memories that we did it to last us all our lives!