Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Porch Lends Perspective

We have been anticipating beginning work on the front porch for a LONG time. I think the gable on the porch will add balance to the seemingly really tall box that we have built for our home.

The gable will also allow the rain and snow to drop off away from the steps and entrance, however, it added difficulty to the construction process. We are still working out how the angles work with the roof metal. We began the porch process with Brian's dad, Stan, leveling off the sill log so that we could then bolt on a ledger board.

Brian used our friend's excavator to hoist the beefy columns into place, as well as the horizontal logs which lay on top of the columns.

             Rose, Joe and John helped nail the joist hangers into place, using a palm nailer, a very cool tool!

All the boys worked together to peel the rafters, and various helpers to get them into place.
For the moment, we have plywood laid down for a deck, but a stack of 2x6 doug fir sits next to the porch awaiting installation as the real decking.

As it usually happens, we allotted much less time for this project than we actually needed.
What we thought would take a week has lasted three weeks so far...and we are not done yet.

We did, however, feel like this is home enough to have an afternoon of fellowship and paintball, so we invited over a few families Sunday and had a potluck. This was the first hospitality event not associated with a work crew we have had at the lodge.
The soup, bread and pies were a huge hit.
The chill in the air and no indoor heat was a challenge, and our pink curtain with a tarp over the top made for what one 8 year old called "a very interesting door."
All in all, it was a success,
making us hunger for the days ahead of fellowship in our lodge.
Once the porch is done, we will tackle the wood stove and hearth, as well as a front door, then all will be warm and cozy.
I can almost taste and see it now.


Your comments and input are very much appreciate
- Blessings!

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