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Rest Haven

Rest Haven is the name of the vacation spot provided for us.   It truly is a haven of rest for us.

The day is ending with grateful hearts, beautiful clear sky throwing sunshine on the still-amazing GRASS,  and happily full tummies.

A sweet walk with my husband,  a game of freeze tag with the children, a visit with Auntie, my mom joining us,  and the goodness of the Lord upon us have graced our day.

"My feet are dancing for joy, and my heart singing to You, to the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords,  Giver of Life, Giver of Strength,  Giver of Joy" The Josties- Crying the Blues

Replying to Heather

My Dear Heather and friends,
The vacation is going nicely.  There is so much to say about traveling with small children, I really must give that thought some words one of these days, but as for the crock pot meals, they are working beautifully.  I did some figuring to day and believe that our normal method of eating at home works out to around $8 or $9.00 per dinner for the family.  Lunches and breakfasts are much cheaper.  So, our crock pot meal today of Sloppy Joes, buns, and packaged coleslaw is pretty close to a homemade budget, we brought our own burger and I think spent about $9.00 on the meal ingredients.  It literally took less than 10 minutes to put it together.  We ate on paper plates, and just had to toss the forks and cups into the dishwasher.  So nice!  If we had eaten out, the best we could do for the 10 of us, (John stayed home to work), is over $30.00 for a cheap meal at Taco Bell.

I made "Survival Bars" for our on the go breakfast.  I got this recipe, or som…

Cooking in a 15 passenger Van

The van is packed.  The house is buzzing with the excitement of leaving in the morning.  We are off to Seattle to the Christian Heritage Home School conference.   This will be our third year.  We are really looking forward to hearing Kevin Swanson, who is the main speaker this year.  The girls are excited about being in the chorale again.  The chorale is always absolutely amazing.
Last year, we took our crock pot, and cooked over night so that we would have a hot lunch the next day.  This year we are taking it a step further.  We are going to be cooking our meals while we travel.   All we need is an inverter,  a deep cell battery and the crock pot.
  It took some time to come up with meals that would not be terribly messy to eat on the go,  but this is what we're planning for our day of travel (It will take us about 7 hours): For lunch we have prepared ham and cheese buns to be eaten cold along with various snacks.  At lunchtime, I will start some chicken breasts in the crock p…

Evolution of a Nurturer

When Anna was a wee one, she clung to me, and me only.  I remember cooking dinner with her in the front pack,  canning and sweeping with her in the backpack, and holding her nearly every waking minute,  or else she would be "in the depths of despair."  Looking back, I can see even from the earliest days the path I would take...

I had not grown up loving children, baby sitting, or having any knowledge of childhood development.  When Brian and I married, we wanted to have children right away, and when our first was born, I knew not what to do,  so I rocked him,  danced him to sleep, co-slept with him, held him all the time,  and spoiled him rotten.
Well, another baby came along, and another, and my methods didn't change.  The baby would grow up on my hip,  sleep with me until they were two,  and, be delightful toddlers; very responsive and easily trained.  About the time we had Jim, number 5, I had evolved to believe my mothering style as an over achiever nurturer was not such a bad…

Sunday Afternoon


Feeding a Crowd

One of the things I love about small towns is the loving care that pours forth at the death of a community member.   On such occasions, the ladies bring their best salads for a dinner after the memorial service, where the family and friends may gather. 
My grandma was famous for bringing her baked beans to funeral dinners.  She did make great beans, and I would have loved to keep the tradition, but that spot was already taken in our community, so I looked for an original salad to feed a crowd.  I wanted something special, something that would not be duplicated,  so I choose a bread and crab salad that a friend brought to a wedding years ago.  I have never run across this kind of salad anywhere else.   While putting it together this morning, I thought it would be a good recipe to share.   It is not for the careful eater, as it is scrumptuously loaded with fat.

2 loaves bread, cubed

3 cups butter, elted
12 hard boiled eggs, chopped
2 c. chopped onions
2 lbs. imitation …
The rain is pouring down.   I like it. Dinner dishes washed.  Candles lit.  Fire crackling.   Tea Kettle singing.    It all soothes me.

Feeding Olivia in the fireside rocker, gives me some needed quiet time, margin in a busy day.   With the older ones off to Bible Study, and the younger children playing upstairs, the house is quiet at the moment,  providing a reflective moment that has given way to thankfulness. 

I still, after a year, am amazed that this is our house.  Our heavenly Father has been so generous and gracious in providing this home. 
Most recently, we were texturing and preparing to paint the second floor.  Some friends had given us paint left over from their project last year. Having no idea what color of tan it was, we opened it up last week and put it on the walls.  As it dried, we just stared in amazement.   It is an EXACT match to the carpet.  We could not have picked better.  Furthermore, the paint givers had no idea of our carpet or where we would use the paint.  It is s…

Idaho Spring

It's raining. It's sunny! It's raining, no, actually, it's snowing. It's raining and sunny. Now it's hailing.   It's sunny!
It's snowing.

A spring day in Idaho

Our Day In Pictures

"How great is your goodness, which you have stored up for those who fear you," Psalm31:19