Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring Cleaning

It is April first, which, at our house, means we are spending the day spring cleaning. 
Actually, it will take more than a day. 
My bi-annual tradition of taking all the winter things and putting them away,
getting mud boots and jackets for spring out is always a joy, whether there is still snow or not, 
because the HOPE of spring just around the corner is abundant.  
Besides the winter things, it is time to vacuum and wash the logs in the house,
do some deep cleaning, such as the stove and the cupboards. 
Thankfully, I have a good work crew right at my fingertips, and many hands make light work. 

We listen to music or a sermon while we work.
  We take turns with the small children, but they (except Olivia) like to get in on the helping too. 
It is really amazing how well a two year old can wash a cupboard door!
At the end of the day, although the house may look a wreck, 
and the cleaning we have done is not terribly obvious,
we are satisfied and content, and tired! 

It is a good tired that makes one rest well.
Tomorrow we will tackle the upstairs and the yard , if it is not raining.
  It is a good thing I have my motivating red shoes!

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  1. Spring cleaning here too! :) Have a blessed evening! :)


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