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Family Fun in the Snow

Christmas morning dawned brilliant and clear, the first clear day in weeks.   It was spectacular.   We drove over to Nanny and Papa's house. .literally over the meadow and through the woods,  then around the lake and up the hill. 

After a wonderful dinner,  we spent the afternoon sledding down the big hill,  which was terrific fun, once us old folks kicked ourselves out of the warm house  and into the snowy outdoors.   I am glad we did, it was so much fun!

                                                   Multi-generational sledding right here.  
What a brave Nanny!

The big daddy triple decker.

Cousin Grace and her pet weasel following Gabe and Grace down.  It is really some sort of dog, but we like to give her a bad time.   smile.


Eyes of wonder on the almost 4 yr old.

A poofy blue cloud named Olivia.   She loved the snow and stayed out for hours.

Oh Glorious Day!

Advent Days

It's the most wonderful time of year! There's excitement in the air as Christmas Day draws near.   All kinds of special events fill the calendar bringing festivity, cheer and good will.  
 Here is a look at some of the fun.

Daddy took Rose on a daddy/daughter date to see a play of Little Women.   Gabe and Olivia just had to be in the picture too.

Rose followed that up with a special craft with the children.   They had a ball making cards  and then planning on who shall receive them.

In the spirit of the season,  as night falls on freshly fallen snow, in what Brian called perfect weather,  he led a group caroling to local shut ins,  bringing good cheer (and many a tear) to warm their hearts,  as well as a basket full of home made goodies to warm their tummies.

                        At the end of the day, twinkling lights and pine garlands decorate the lodge,                a crackling fire and a mug of mulled cider awaits those who have been out and about. 

  All ready for b…

Embracing Advent: JOY

During the last few weeks of Advent,  sickness and sadness,  along with difficulty have filled not only our home,  but many we know and love  and many whom we don't know, but feel for them just the same. Oh, there has been plenty of love and laughter here,  as there always is when small children are present,  but finding joy has been less than easy,  in fact, it has only come by making a deliberate choice.

Joydoesn't always come in laughter and mirth.   Joy isn't always dependent upon our circumstances.   The deep joy that comes from what Christ has done for us constantly fills our hearts,  and sustains us through trials and difficulty.   I have been thinking that it was this kind of joy that upheld Mary  through what must have been a very difficult time for her socially  when she was carrying the baby Jesus.   Knowing the effusiveness that usually ascends upon women when they are pregnant,  I can only imagine how alone, hormonal, and weary she must have been.... yet, if sh…

December Ramblings

Hello to all out there, and thank you for the many kind messages and wishes.   We did have the most spectacular,  devastatingly romantic  wedding for our daughter Anna and our new  son in love Scott  a few weeks ago,  and ever since, I have been quite silent here,  but, it may not be what you would think.
I am not suffering from "post traumatic wedding disorder",  (smile) although I might have over done it a little,  causing my cold to turn bronchial, and I am just not quite over it.   Also, Rose's camera, where all the lovely pictures you see here come from,  has a new owner and Rose is still in the market for a new one.   It is so hard to journal here without her beautiful pictures.
We are so happy for Scott and Anna,  and you will read all about it just as soon as the pictures arrive from the photographer.
Life is continuing on in a new way in our post wedding life.   I am not at all sure Olivia has gotten over it,  she seems to have a bit of separation anxiety, and …

Winter Storm Survival

It is that time of year again.
 The snow is falling as I speak.
With the last few snow storms have come various power outages in our area.
  We are not effected by such a crisis since we are off-grid.  Checking in with our neighbors, they are all snug and cozy around a warm wood burning stove,  or are comfortably watching TV because they have a backup generator.
However, outside our little redneck community, some folks might not be faring so well.  I remember an ice storm many years ago that left most of the Northwest stranded  without power for more than a week.

People died.
Truth is, a little preparation goes a long ways.
I have been thoroughly indoctrinated by my dear sweet friend, Enola Gay, and thus, have a handle on some simple preparations that may make life possible and bearable during a winter storm in which one loses power for great lengths of time.

First, one must have a non-electric heat source. A few clicks, and I'm on the Lowe's web page,
where a person can get …

First Snow

As the first snowflakes of the season fall,

the tradition begins,  with the children crafting paper snowflakes....

 ...and as if that wasn't fun enough,  we then make the sugar cookies. Every year the same,  but different.


Messy kitchen, happy kids. Sigh,  it has been a great day!