Monday, December 31, 2012

Family Fun in the Snow

 Christmas morning dawned brilliant and clear, the first clear day in weeks. 
 It was spectacular.  
We drove over to Nanny and Papa's house.
.literally over the meadow and through the woods, 
then around the lake and up the hill. 

After a wonderful dinner,
 we spent the afternoon sledding down the big hill, 
which was terrific fun, once us old folks kicked ourselves out of the warm house
 and into the snowy outdoors.  
I am glad we did, it was so much fun!

                                                   Multi-generational sledding right here.  
What a brave Nanny!

The big daddy triple decker.

Cousin Grace and her pet weasel following Gabe and Grace down. 
It is really some sort of dog, but we like to give her a bad time.  


Eyes of wonder on the almost 4 yr old.

A poofy blue cloud named Olivia.  
She loved the snow and stayed out for hours.

Oh Glorious Day!


  1. O, I love your snow/family pics. They are so beautiful.

    Happy New year! ( 0:40)

  2. Enjoying our children and family....isn't that the greatest blessing a family can have. :)

    We also went sledding this past Sunday and it was so much fun; even though I'm an old grandma now!

    Love your real-life posts and your love of family and for Jesus.
    Blessings to you,

  3. Looks glorious...what fun family time. We had some snow here Christmas was pretty exciting :) Blessings in the new year.

  4. These pictures make me smile. <3 Thanks for sharing your Christmas!

  5. We also just got back from a treck to see my grandparents 13 hours away. Most question why we make such a trip over snow covered mountains and roads to a small town in Northern CA, but family is so worth it. My children have the priviledge and opportunity to know three of their great grandparents. Thanks for sharing moments with your family through pictures. Praying you have a blessed New Year!

  6. When I was younger :) I loved to play in the snow. I looked at your family and saw visions of my childhood. Thanks for allowing me to reflect.


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