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Life of Fred and February Ramblings

When the February snows turn to rain, and outside is a wet, windy, slurry mess,  staying warm and snug indoors is more than a little appealing.   My usual want for time outside is swept under the carpet in trade for naps, tea, and a good book.   I do love to see the little ones all snuggled up lost in luxurious sleep.   On those divine days when I get all three in synchronized naps  I may just succumb to the temptation and join them.  I have discovered that the older I get, the more tempting a nap is! However, I am revived by a most wonderful aroma. Rose is baking banana bread to feed the "locusts" this afternoon.
It is smelling fabulous.

We generally bake something yummy every day to keep the children from wasting away.   The more fattening, the better, for they are thin as pencils,
and pencils are very difficult to dress.  Our bedtime story of late has been Farmer Boy, and therefore,  we had to try fried apples and onions one evening for their late night snack.   (it was Almanzo's f…

Of Houses, Wood Cook Stoves, and Shoes

Truly, sometimes I nearly feel guilty for how much our family has been blessed.   If I were to take you an a tour through our home, I could tell you story after story of how nearly every piece of furniture and nearly every decorative item has been given to us.   I could tell you of times when we asked God to heal  and he did.  I could recall times when my flesh was failing and I called out to God for strength, and He gave it.   I would remember situations that had me completely stumped so I prayed for wisdom,  and it was given.
God is a god who cares.  He cares deeply.  He cares about the little things.  No matter is too small.
I have a story to tell about how God cares, how He provides.  This very week, the hand of providence blessed us again...
But really, to tell this story right, I should go back into time about 11 years.   We had 4 children, with baby number five on the way,  when my dear husband felt called to become a pastor.  In our interview with a mission board, we had decl…

The Quiet Basket and Blanket Time

Here is an old post, worth re visiting.

I don't know about you, but our children are not naturally quiet.   Therefore, I must take time to teach them to play quietly, a skill that comes in very handy.

Our little ones sit in church with us, and those under 5 yrs old are allowed to entertain themselves,
whereas the older children are expected to listen and take notes, sing, and sit still.  Also, there are times, like conferences, doctors offices, etc, that it is well worth my time to have instructed them in playing contentedly for some time. 
 I have constructed what we call the quiet basket,  which is a basket weave hand bag
full of interesting and secret things that are for special times only.
Everything is oriented towards quiet/silent play.  Since I have a variety of ages, I am always on the look out for new things to put in my basket.  I have acquired most of the items at thrift shops,  but the Learning Store and places like Timberdoodle have made some wonderful exceptions.  I…

Theology of Preschoolers

My husband and I were casually browsing through a gift store, something we like to do together, when all of the sudden I laughed out loud.  On the wall in front of me was a sign that read, "boy: a sound with dirt on it."  Now, I do not take myself so seriously that I could not laugh at the sign, but, the truth is that this is bad theology.  To think of small children as less than eternal souls, blessings from God, and sweet munchkins is to lose sight of a biblical World view and, even for a moment, embrace the world's philosophy that children are a burden, a pain,  disposable, and anything but a blessing.  For this reason I dislike terms like rugrats, kids, brats, imps, or any such deplorable brand. 

Biblical theology of little ones means that first we believe what the Bible says about small children, and then we act on that belief.  It also means that we understand how God parents us, and we follow His example.
Psalm 127:3 tells us that children are a blessing.  Webs…