Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Life of Fred and February Ramblings

When the February snows turn to rain, and outside is a wet, windy, slurry mess, 
staying warm and snug indoors is more than a little appealing. 
 My usual want for time outside is swept under the carpet in trade for naps, tea, and a good book.
  I do love to see the little ones all snuggled up lost in luxurious sleep.  
On those divine days when I get all three in synchronized naps
 I may just succumb to the temptation and join them.
 I have discovered that the older I get, the more tempting a nap is!
However, I am revived by a most wonderful aroma.
Rose is baking banana bread to feed the "locusts" this afternoon.
It is smelling fabulous.

We generally bake something yummy every day to keep the children from wasting away. 
 The more fattening, the better,
for they are thin as pencils,
and pencils are very difficult to dress.
 Our bedtime story of late has been Farmer Boy, and therefore, 
we had to try fried apples and onions one evening for their late night snack. 
 (it was Almanzo's favorite).  
Everyone really liked it, but then, we used so much butter, it could not have possibly been bad! 

Bethany continues to amaze us with her improvisational piano playing. 
   She is 5 years old. 
 I love listening to piano music, hers included.  It is quite nice. 
 Last week when we had dinner guests, I asked Bethany to play for us. 
 The guests thought she was playing some classical romantic just sounded that good,
 most of the time.
I have not figured out how or when to best channel her talent into capable skill.
I'm praying for wisdom there.

New at the lodge, is Olivia's first haircut, making her look like a toddler and less like a baby,
 which is slightly sad, but then, the point is for them to grow up, I remind myself.

And the other new thing here is Life of Fred.

The Life of Fred is a relatively new math curriculum which came highly recommended to us.
So far we have just tried the Algebra 2, but I already know that I want to get more.

 Life of Fred is engaging, and funny, but it doesn't fall short of being all that algebra 2 should be.
  It actually goes further, because (amazingly enough) it has made algebra 2 understandable 
by using logic and reasoning to give perspective and real life application.  
Because of this, there are not pages and pages of the same kind of problem, boring the student,
 but instead, just enough for the student to grasp the concept and figure it out on their own. 
 Rose is enjoying and excelling in Life of Fred. 
 Brian and I both read the first chapter, just for fun, and it was fun.

Brian picked out this curriculum at The Homeschool Book Shop, in nearby Spokane. 
I am so thankful for his involvement with our home schooling.
I never would have looked at yet another math curriculum.  
Math is not my thing and we are doing ok with Teaching Textbooks.
But,  Brian saw the need for our students to be more than mediocre, and while I agree,
I would agree more heartily along the lines of history or something I am actually interested in.
This was a wise and good choice with our math.

Anna and I have been chatting about Rahab, 
since she is the topic of study at Anna's Bible study tonight. 
 I just adore having the time in the middle of the day for good discussions with our children. 
 I truly cannot fathom not having them all home with me. 
 These children are my friends as well as my family. 
 We live together, we learn together, we work together, we serve together. 
 Together we prepare for company, together  we cook and clean, 
together we laugh at the three year old, and we cry together during movies. 
 I like the phrase, "Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much",
 but, if you included "Together We.." it would be perfect.  
There is not a day that I do not feel blessed to have this family.
It is a heap of hard work, and I hit the pillow exhausted every night,
but it is sooooo worth it all.

Together is a wonderful place to be.


  1. Thank you, Julianne for your blog. I am always so encouraged and inspired when I read your posts.

    I am preparing to make a home management notebook of some sort, and I thought I remembered reading about a notebook that you keep. Could you please direct me to the post(s) about that. I would so appreciate this.

    Have a lovely week with your precious family! So happy for you and the new wood cookstove. We hope to have one of these someday, too.

    Heather Clinesmith
    Benge, WA

  2. Lovely as always!

    So encouraging to read of your days together...

    Be blessed!


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