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A Romantic Courtship

Brian and I are pleased to announce...    no no no, that does not communicate thoroughly enough.
Brian and I are extremely happy,  very excited, profoundly blessed,  radiating with joy  to announce the engagement of our daughter, Anna, to our beloved family friend, Scott.

They are a match made in heaven.   What a treasure it has been to see their friendship and courtship blossom into devoted love!    You shall be able to read their love story soon on her blog. Scott and Anna will be married this fall. Glory to God!

Spring Harvest

The changes of the seasons is always invigorating to me.   I love each of the four seasons. 
One of the things I love about Spring are the thunderstorms.   We were out and about one day, when a thunderstorm rolled up and pelted us briefly with a hard rain.  When it pulled up, one of the most brilliant rainbows I have ever witnessed graced the skies. 
  Spring has many charms to me.   Keeping an eye open for all of them has been fun for all of us.   What are the sights of Spring? How about the smells of Spring?  Or my favorite, the tastes of Spring?
Strawberries are a glory of Spring.   We thank God for strawberries! 

This last week, we spent some time harvesting from spring's abundant crops.   First we made strawberry jam.   The first jar,  for sampling you know,  disappeared before it was cooled from the canning!   But the other batches made it safely into the cellar awaiting freshly made biscuits or shortbread. 

Next came a crate of asparagus.   We ate baked asparagus several day…

Discovering Spring

Around here, April does not really count as spring,  since it normally snows throughout the month,  so real spring
- to us-
 begins in May with May showers, jumping in mud puddles,  and discovering critters of all kinds in our yard and the woods around.

 While flowers may be few at his time of year,  amphibians are not.   The children have found new slimy friends nearly everyday, much to their excitement.   Gabe, however, dislikes them greatly,
protesting and screaming at each new find.  By this, even when I am in the house,  I always know when some one will come racing to me to show me  their wonderful surprise.

Observing these animals,
as well as birds at the bird feeder,  listening for their individual calls,  finding spring flowers in the woods, (such as every one's favorite- Trillium)  and talking about Spring weather
 has constituted our Nature Journal for May.  This is the most delightful time of year for Nature Journals.   Our 6 months of winter have furnished in us a pa…

Christian heritage Home Builders Conference 2012

This year's conference was the biggest and best yet.   We have attended this conference in Kirkland, Washington for four years.   Each year we are refreshed,  encouraged,  convicted,  challenged,  and strengthened by attending. We also look forward to seeing people whom we only see at this conference,  and meeting new faces as well.   We met some great folks this year whom we hope to see again next year.

Last year, we took along our crockpot for conference meals, and ate tailgate style in the parking lot.   We added to that plan this year, purchasing a folding table and parking near the middle of the parking lot. We set up a buffet along the side walk, where it was safe for the children,  and much more atmospheric, (very important in my life.)   This done, we invited our friends who were also attending the conference to take their meals with us.   One lunch found 26 of us there together, partaking in hot Venison sandwiches and fellowship.   This was so much fun!  Definitely a hig…

Tulips in Washington

While on vacation in Washington,  we visited the Roozengaurd Tulip Festival,  as well as attended the Christian Heritage Home Builders Conference in Kirkland.   Both events were amazing.   First, the Tulips:

The millions of tulips were so beautiful.   The diversity of shapes of tulips, the variance of colors and color combinations was magnificent.

This one is my favorite, it is called Apricot Beauty.

Although this looks like it could be a rose, this is a gorgeous tulip, whose beauty is enchanted by rain drops.

The awe-inspiring fields full of tulips made a great backdrop for family photos.

O glorious day!