Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Romantic Courtship

Brian and I are pleased to announce...  
 no no no, that does not communicate thoroughly enough.

Brian and I are extremely happy,
 very excited,
 profoundly blessed,
 radiating with joy
 to announce the engagement of our daughter, Anna,
to our beloved family friend, Scott.

They are a match made in heaven. 
 What a treasure it has been to see their friendship and courtship blossom into devoted love! 
  You shall be able to read their love story soon on her blog.
Scott and Anna will be married this fall.
Glory to God!


  1. Congratulations!

    Beautiful photos....


  2. Congratulations! What a joy that is.

  3. How blessed! Yay! Congrats go out to them!

  4. What wonderful news! Many blessings to the happy couple and their supportive families!

  5. Congratulations!! Praying for a wonderful season of planning. SO exciting! :)

    We are in the midst of wedding planning in our home too...our oldest son is marrying his sweetheart! We couldn't be more thrilled!

  6. Come November you will need to have a new family photo taken! I am SO Very Excited for you, and for Scott and Anna! Have Fun planning and awaiting that day in November!! :)

  7. What a beautiful couple! Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing & hearing more.

  8. Congrats!! Time for some grand babies.


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