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We build a pen and get goats

A long time ago,
 when our grown children were small,
we lived on a farm and enjoyed all kinds of farm life;
 goats, horses, rabbits, chickens, a huge garden, and numerous barn cats.

  Since we have four non cow milk people here which we buy alternative milk for,
 it only makes sense that we acquire milk goats.
  However, we lack any outbuildings or fencing for animals,
until this weekend. Two milk goats and a baby have come into our lives,  so, quickly, the children and I set out to build a 16 x 24 pen to house the goats.   We did have the materials at hand,  and all helping hands were motivated to make things happen.

 Joe, being the muscle at hand, dug all the fence post holes.   Rose, Anna and Jim strung up the field fence.  I, with "help" from Olivia (in the ergo) and Gabe, supervised and did what 'we' do best...boss. Bethany and Ben lent a helping hand wherever needed.

 Joe also dug the holes for the shed roof daddy will help us build when he gets a chance. It …

Rainy days are for...

Today is one of those cloudy,
 pouring down rain
 -but almost summer-
 days that soothes my soul and begs me to
slow down  and get into some projects that have been waiting patiently  for just such an occasion.
Rainy days are for baking.  Well,  nearly everyday we are baking something of other,  but especially on a soggy chill day,  a home made yummy
 still warm from the oven
 is ever so welcome.   We tried yet another Taste of Home recipe, this one is "Golden Raisin Buns".  I didn't have any golden raisins, so I substituted crasins.   These buns are melt in your mouth good, much like a cream puff,  and were really easy to make.   They disappeared immediately upon setting them out, a good sign of a keeper recipe.  Another good sign was the children asking, "Can we make those again tomorrow?"
Golden Raisin Buns
2 c. hot water, divided
1/2 c golden rasins
1/2 c butter
1 tsp sugar
1/4 tsp salt
1 c flour
4 eggs
In small bowl, pour 1 c water over raisins;  let stand …