Monday, June 18, 2012

We build a pen and get goats

A long time ago,
 when our grown children were small,
we lived on a farm and enjoyed all kinds of farm life;
 goats, horses, rabbits, chickens, a huge garden, and numerous barn cats.

  Since we have four non cow milk people here which we buy alternative milk for,
 it only makes sense that we acquire milk goats.
  However, we lack any outbuildings or fencing for animals,
until this weekend.
Two milk goats and a baby have come into our lives, 
so, quickly, the children and I set out to build a 16 x 24 pen to house the goats. 
 We did have the materials at hand, 
and all helping hands were motivated to make things happen.

 Joe, being the muscle at hand, dug all the fence post holes.
  Rose, Anna and Jim strung up the field fence.
 I, with "help" from Olivia (in the ergo) and Gabe, supervised and did what 'we' do best...boss.
Bethany and Ben lent a helping hand wherever needed.

 Joe also dug the holes for the shed roof daddy will help us build when he gets a chance.
It was a good days work, and we are ready to go pick up the goats. 
 Everyone is excited.

We are picketing the goats out during the day. 
 We tried just letting them roam, but they ended up on the porch peering in the windows.
Anna and Rose are milking them morning and night so far,

 but Joe and I will also take turns for the evening milkings.
The children think the milk is great. 

The goats seem quite fond of the children, following them all over..
by the looks of it,
 the feelings are mutual.


  1. OH we LOVED our goats. Just over a month ago we lost our oldest doe, she was our queen. We've missed her SO much! We'll be getting more, our place is just not the same without them. Enjoy your milk and your new friends. :) They will become family, I'm sure! :)

  2. How lovely! Goats! Have you chosen names yet?

  3. It does make sense to have goats if you have non cow milk drinkers!

    I think the children are going to have fun with the goats....

    How are the wedding plans coming along? I love to see weddings and plans! If you wanted to share anything, I'm sure we'd love it!


  4. We had goats growing up and they def thought they were members of the family. If the back door got left open they walked right in like they owned the place. One was very fond of my dad, when we went hiking he had to be in line right behind him! He was very bad about stepping on the back of dad's shoes when he followed him. Drove my Dad crazy sometimes. That darn goat was lucky he was so cute.
    I would love to get a goat, but my husband isn't quite on board yet. The rabbit and chicken experience did not go well for him, so I am laying off the animals right now.
    Enjoy your goats and delicious milk! :)


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