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Spring Time Vacation

This is the time of year that we load up the big red van  and travel across Washington to Camano Island for a week of vacation.
Munching on fried chicken and grapes, we listened to a dramatized version of Tom Sawyer,
 which kept us all chuckling for the majority of the 7 hour trip, and surprisingly,
 wound up to be one of the least messy meals in voyage ever.
For those who were still restless,
I had packed each child a sports bag with a new drawing pad, color book, pencil, color crayons,
pack of gum, silly putty, and a small figure or two such as superheros, animals or dolls.
We also bought water,
 which is just weird by the way,
 and tied different colors of cloth around the bottle necks to differentiate who's bottle belongs to whom.

Our first priority has been to relax at the guest house.   Brian and I are doing as little as possible.  Watching the grass grow is about as active as I plan on being for a few days.  The whole family is enthralled with the gorgeous GRASS!   At home…