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Graduation Week

The last week has revolved around Rose's graduation party.   It has been a very full week.
First, company,  all of the most lovely kind.   The finest young ladies and men graced our home for 7 days.

Second,  the party. After a speech and a time of prayer for Rose,  the more rambunctious headed outdoors for the Virginia Reel and many more lively dances. 

 The next day was more practical.   The boys were overdue for a trim, and Gabe got his first big boy haircut.   It's kinda sad, he is growing up so fast.

Since it was daddys' day off, the boys, (newly trimmed) went out with him for a while to gather yet another cord of wood.   That makes 8 cord, and 4 to go.

Tuesday we took a truck load of company on a hike up the mountain.

It has been a big, wonderful week. 
Congratulations Rose!

When Learning Isn't Easy

A reader brought up the subject of children who do not take to learning easy,  and since I have had three of these, I thought perhaps this would be a worthy topic.

Not all children learn to read at age 5 and are doing multiplication tables at 8, this I know first hand. 

As a young homeschooling mama,
I was embarrassed when my child couldn't read like the other children of the same age.
 I felt pressure to get the child up to speed for what the government and my friends  expected.
This caused anxiety and impatience in our school.
The results were not very pretty.
Some of my ugliest days were homeschooling moments when overly frustrated with a slow learner.
Both child and mama were in tears, the morning ending with raised voices  and a child sent off to "just be done then!"
These are very sad memories.
Days I wish I could wipe away from memory.

The Lord used this difficulty to sanctify me, thus producing patience that was sorely needed.
Remember, one does not develop good …

Log Home Tour part 7: Master Bedroom

Welcome to the Providence Lodge Home Tour! Today I will reveal my very own bedroom.
Here is the room where I have had to be very innovative in decorating.   Here, too, is the room that STAYS clean.  Oh happy happy happy! And then, this is the room that reflects me the most.

My personal style is very romantic.   I also adore the white on white, or white with cream,  which is really not practical for a large family, thus, I have held it (mostly) to my own room.
I LOVE my room.   I love waking up to it,  going to sleep in it,  just walking in to put my laundry away is a delight.   It is clean, earthy, pretty, and did I say clean? I like the spacious feeling from being slightly under furnished.   White walls and frilly accents pared up with rustic logs is very "me." Brian says, "whatever makes you happy honey". lol  That's our wedding picture on the wall.  Almost 25 years ago!

Here is a closer look:

This is my little sitting area that I like to snuggle up in when a…

Our School Schedule this Fall

Well, we finally did it.   With the pig in the freezer,  most of the canning done, a winter wood pile of good size,  and nasty weather upon us, we started our fall school schedule.  

I have always found it interesting and inspiring to find out how other families organize their school day,  so I thought it may be of interest to share with you how things are going in our neck of the woods.

The first day went fairly well,  so that is a good sign to me that this year's more creative schedule is going to work.   This is possibly the first year I have ever planned a huge break in the middle of the day,  but after our first day, I think it was a positively Providential idea.   With children 14, 12, 9, 7, 4 and 2 involved,  (Rose is graduated, working part time as well as involved in ministry,  so she is not home a lot, therefore, I did not count her)  here is how it worked: 7am wake up! > Coffee, tea, snuggles and chatting.
7:30 dress and chores > Rose: milk goats. Joe: feed and wate…