Friday, October 25, 2013

Graduation Week

The last week has revolved around Rose's graduation party. 
 It has been a very full week.

First, company, 
all of the most lovely kind.  
The finest young ladies and men graced our home for 7 days.

Second,  the party.
After a speech and a time of prayer for Rose, 
the more rambunctious headed outdoors for the Virginia Reel and many more lively dances. 

 The next day was more practical. 
 The boys were overdue for a trim, and Gabe got his first big boy haircut.  
It's kinda sad, he is growing up so fast.

Since it was daddys' day off,
the boys, (newly trimmed) went out with him for a while to gather yet another cord of wood. 
 That makes 8 cord, and 4 to go.

Tuesday we took a truck load of company on a hike up the mountain.


It has been a big, wonderful week. 

Congratulations Rose!


  1. Congratulations Rose! The beautiful inland northwest. I just love these views. We like to drive to the top of Mt. Spokane for similar vistas. After reading the post of how your children like knitted socks, I felt that The Lord has led me to knit some socks for them. I have one sock done and the second about halfway. I'm not sure of sizes, so I'm merely guessing. I live in Spokane and I'm hoping to find a way to get them to you when I have several pair completed.
    I know I'm a stranger but I hope you don't think I'm "strange"! I just love to knit and feel this is something I can do to encourage your family.

  2. Congratulations to Rose!

    What a fun celebration!


  3. Dear sweet Betsy,
    I nearly cried when I read about the socks...well, it has been an extra long week so I am a bit more emotional than usual :-), but what a thoughtful and generous act. We are two hours from Spokane, so maybe we can work something out, I would love to meet such a kind hearted soul!

  4. Deanna,
    Oh, I wish you were here to join in all the fun! Somehow I think we could chat for hours. :-)
    blessings to you and your precious family,

  5. Oh thank goodness. I was afraid you would think I was some "strange" woman! I know you need to be careful of people these days. My Hubby and I are heading to Japan next week to visit our son and I hope to get a lot of sock knitting done on the long flights. :-). If you would feel more comfortable knowing more about me I have a blog at You would be very welcome to visit.

  6. Having recently discovered your blog and having no TV, our choice, I have been reading past posts. Thank you for taking the time to share your faith & family. Today's scenic photos are beautiful and once again, I am in awe of our Good Lord's creation. Congratulations to Rose, your lovely daughter, on her graduation. My prayers & best wishes go with her as she begins the next chapter in her life.
    Love & prayers to you & your family,
    Rhonda :)
    P. S. By the way, we are neighbors, we live in Eastern Washington! :)

  7. Very fun, and Congratulations to Rose AND to her Mama! We will be doing this in the spring, and my Country Girl has been planning the same historic dancing at hers. We're just wishing we had your outdoor space for it. I still haven't figured out that logistic yet.
    Thanks for sharing, and I sure hope we will see you soon!


  8. You live in such a beautiful setting!!


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