Monday, October 7, 2013

Log Home Tour part 7: Master Bedroom

Welcome to the Providence Lodge Home Tour!
Today I will reveal my very own bedroom.

Here is the room where I have had to be very innovative in decorating. 
 Here, too, is the room that STAYS clean.  Oh happy happy happy!
And then, this is the room that reflects me the most.

My personal style is very romantic. 
 I also adore the white on white, or white with cream, 
which is really not practical for a large family, thus, I have held it (mostly) to my own room.

I LOVE my room. 
 I love waking up to it,
 going to sleep in it, 
just walking in to put my laundry away is a delight. 
 It is clean, earthy, pretty, and did I say clean?
I like the spacious feeling from being slightly under furnished.  
White walls and frilly accents pared up with rustic logs is very "me."
Brian says, "whatever makes you happy honey". lol 
That's our wedding picture on the wall.  Almost 25 years ago!

Here is a closer look:

This is my little sitting area that I like to snuggle up in when a quiet moment presents itself. 
 I keep my 1,000 gifts journal here in the basket 
and a few inspirational books I am working my way through.
  Yes, those are real branches holding up my thrift store curtains. 
 That was born out of impatience to wait for actual curtain rods.
  I have always had an affinity for twiggy things, so these branches are perfect.  And free.
The chair  was a once in a lifetime Goodwill find, and very comfortable.

We had planned on adding a gas fireplace to our room, but haven't gotten that far yet. 
 So when the little candle fireplace appeared as an anniversary gift from a thoughtful husband,
 I was quite overwhelmed.  What a guy! Perfect for the candle-holic in me!

Below, a desk from my dad's old office,
 now an out of the way place to study, do bills, and write letters.

The bed side of the room looked a little vacant,
 and we had cut all these branches to try over the windows, so,
 I ended up screwing them to the wall for an over the bed tree.
...much to my liking.

I would love to show you my super organized master closet and bath, but it isn't a reality quite yet.
  There are three rooms in the lodge that are unfinished, bare sheet rock,
my bathroom/closet being one of them, so that tour will have to wait.

I hope you  are enjoying the home tour. 
 Next we go up to the third floor to discover the children's rooms.
Stay tuned for upcoming part 8 of the Providence Lodge home tour! 

Blessings to all y'all!


Rebekah said...



Mrs.Rabe said...

How lovely.

Have you considered putting white lights in your branches over the bed? That would add to the beauty.

I love that you room is feminine but not all frilly. Mine is that way too, my husband appreciates that! :)


~Kristin~ said...

This is what I call...rustic romantic country. It's quite lovely and cozy!
The tree branches really do make it a nest. :-)

Kristi said...

Your bedroom is beautiful. I really enjoy reading your blog, it seems so warm and welcoming :)

Julianne Primer said...

Dear Deanna, Thank you my sweet friend. I planned on adding lights that I found at the same gift shop as the candle fireplace, but haven't done it yet. The lights look like twigs with tiny LED lights on the end, they were really neat, perfect for the branches. I would love to see your room/home...I've always thought that you never really know a person until you see their home. :-)

Julianne Primer said...

Dear Rebekah,
I did not put anything on the branches, but they may indeed last longer with some sort of shalack spray. Copy away, I am honored. :-)

Anonymous said...

I love your room. It looks so cozy. I love the branch idea - I'm going to try it.

Beverly said...

Such a beautiful bedroom! I love your sense of style!

Kim said...

What a beautiful room. I really like the rustic, antique, and thrifted items. My tastes exactly! I too may use the tree in my haven. :)
Thank you so much for this home tour as I've enjoyed it so much. You really do get to know a person a little better by seeing into their home and their days.
Blessings to you,

Crown of Beauty said...

Hi Julianne,

Guess what, I have been herein your very own beautiful country for over a month now visiting my sister and her family. I'll be here a couple months more. The beauty of the autumn season has always had deep spiritual implications for me, even though I live in Asia where there are really just two distinct seasons, rainy and dry, and an in between time when the weather turns perfect - our own version of Fall. But now I am here -experiencing first hand the very season I love.

I've just read your recent posts and once again my heart brims over with admiration for you as a wonderful creation of Abba Father. For your obedient and sensitive heart that seeks to honor Him above all.

These next 4 days, starting with yesterday, I am in Canandaigua upstate NY with dear blog friends I am meeting face to face for the first time. We have rented a lake side cottage by the beautiful Canandaigua Lake, for a time of retreat - getting together to enjoy the Lord's presence, worship, pray, cook, eat, have fun together. One of them is "Mrs. Mac" she lives in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

I brought several packs of dried mangoes and ginger bons -special export quality products from our country... I would love for you to try them. Hope you can write me at my email (it shows up in this comment when you open the blog comments in your email inbox) and give me an address where Mrs. Mac can mail them to you.

I just love getting to know you through your blog. Feels like I've known you a long time.

Love and blessings of shalom

Kelly said...

Julianne, I love your blog, your home and that beautiful candle fireplace/lantern! Can you share where it came from and/or who makes it? I would love to purchase one.

Thank you!

God's blessings to your family,
Kelly Myers

Anonymous said...

Julianne, so wonderful to see your master on the tour. Love it and love you. Joy

Anonymous said...

I just had to write again - lovely, lovely, lovely....Joy