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Log Home Tour Part 6: Our Family Room and School Room

Welcome to the Providence Lodge Home Tour!
In part 6, I am showing you our family room.
This room has been in the process of being modified for a school room over the summer. We have never had a school room before, always using the dining room table. One day, it just seemed like a good idea to use this big space upstairs for schooling.   Inspired, I ordered big maps for the wall..(I adore maps)...added school supplies,  a bookshelf for reference books, and our extra table.

This room is open to the stairs and hallway, making it feel much bigger than the 18x15 it is. The french doors will hopefully eventually lead onto a second floor deck. This room has functioned as our movie room, play room,  and stringing a sheet across the opening, it becomes a second spare room.

 All of our games, puzzles, coloring books, art supplies and notebooks are now stored  on the shelving in the corner.   Each student also has a basket for their books and nature journal.

Just our reference books are on thi…

Autumn Glories

Perhaps it is because I am a romantic that autumn is my favorite time of year. 

There is the return to the fireside, calling everyone to gather again for cozy evenings together.
We have been scattered and busy throughout the summer,
 now as the brisk autumn begins, we take up residence in front of the fire
 sipping tea  and reading aloud once more.

Then, the warm afternoons too,
which lure one to drop everything and glory in
autumn's sweet splendor.

There are fall outings to plunder and pillage local fruit trees, fall luncheons with friends, and marvelous creations coming from the kitchen with seasonal foods.

Nesting becomes very big with me in the fall.
So much puttering to be done and so little time!
I savor the making of The Winter Beds,
 adding stacks of quilts in the sitting areas,
stocking up on tea, (Market Spice being my favorite fall tea)
the pouring forth of plaids and woolens from the attic,
feathering my nest all warm and cozy for winter.

The fall landscape, so vivid…

Harvest Home

As the days shorten, nature begins those subtle changes that I love so;  the cooling weather adds a crispness to the air,  the turning of leaves to fluttering  brilliance,  the autumn flowers so strong and bold compared to the delicate blooms of summer,  and the fruit ripening on the trees,  which bring an abundant harvest to our woodsy home.

Last week we harvested numerous boxes of apples from Nanny's trees,  culminating in over 100 quarts of lovely, sugar free, organic applesauce for the cellar. 
 This week, overflowing baskets and bowls gathered from backyard trees spill over,  filling the lodge with a sweet aroma of autumn.

A bushel of irresistible Italian Prunes  is soon to be made into a tantalizing sauce that our family is very fond of.
Perhaps because simple, familiar things are the dearest,  the fall harvest is supremely gratifying to me.
With Vivaldi ringing out  and the sticky sweet smell of pears permeating the kitchen, I dive into a box full of pears for canning.  
I f…

The Agrarian Family's School, week 1: Fishing!

Just about the time most of the homeschooling families are getting out the books  and sorting out a new schedule, and the public schools are back in session,  I get all kinds of questions from people wondering if we have started school yet. Humbly, no, we are not anywhere close,  although my school room is ready and my books and supplies are waiting.   Honestly, it will be a month before we begin any book lessons. 
September is a bad month to begin school, in my opinion.   If you are an agrarian family, there is a month full of harvesting to be done.  There are peaches, pears, apples and plums to can,  it is archery season for elk,  it is time the last of the firewood gathering,  the butchering of pigs,  the end of the garden and the clean up for winter;  No, our "school" nearly always begins in October. Not that our education and discipleship of the children has slackened or stopped,  far from it.  September, with all its harvesting, has a steep learning curve.  For us, su…

Our Redneck, Country, First Kiss Wedding

When he said he was taking her bear hunting, but it wasn't really a date,

 I had a funny feeling.

When he told me they sat at the kitchen table and talked and sipped coffee for three hours,

 I KNEW he was a goner.

  Yup, sure enough, 8 months later,  our son is getting married.

He said it was her heart for God that attracted him, but she is a "good little hunter" to boot.   (smile)

Together, they planned a lovely country wedding  with a bit of redneck and a wonderful gospel message.

It was a beautiful day for the momentous event of beginning  a new family.

 Framed in a farming valley fringed in with timbered hills,  a newly cut hay field hosted a small gathering of friends and family to John and Michelle.

Our lovely Michelle, adorned in ivory lace and cowboy boots rode her horse to the ceremony  with the romantic bluegrass music of "Ashoken Farewell."

An honored daddy preached and married the son and daughter-in-love.
It was sooo good, I have quoted it …