Thursday, September 26, 2013

Autumn Glories

Perhaps it is because I am a romantic that autumn is my favorite time of year. 

There is the return to the fireside, calling everyone to gather again for cozy evenings together.
We have been scattered and busy throughout the summer,
 now as the brisk autumn begins, we take up residence in front of the fire
 sipping tea  and reading aloud once more.

Then, the warm afternoons too,
which lure one to drop everything and glory in
autumn's sweet splendor.

There are fall outings to plunder and pillage local fruit trees,
fall luncheons with friends,
and marvelous creations coming from the kitchen with seasonal foods.

Nesting becomes very big with me in the fall.
So much puttering to be done and so little time!
I savor the making of The Winter Beds,
 adding stacks of quilts in the sitting areas,
stocking up on tea, (Market Spice being my favorite fall tea)
the pouring forth of plaids and woolens from the attic,
feathering my nest all warm and cozy for winter.

The fall landscape, so vivid and rich with breathtaking colors,
 the air so clean and crisp, the woodsy smell of earth and trees and wood smoke,
all these things bring me to ponder the possibility that autumn could be
 the most wonderful time of the year.


  1. I love your blog for exactly all the ways you write about. The way you describe loving your family and your home....brings me so much joy. Maybe that's just how it is with us country mamas.
    Thank you...I missed seeing your words during the busy summer months.

  2. aw, thank you Kristin, that is so sweet of you, and very encouraging to me. bless you!

  3. Julianne,

    I love your description of nesting and feathering that nest!

    I savor this time of year too. I'm sensing a longer winter than we normally have so I'll be bringing out the flannel sheets and putting extra blankets and quilts out too. Oh, and I must find some woolen socks like you bought your kids last year!



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