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Going To Town

This is Gabe.

Gabe lives in a log cabin in the woods  with his big brother Ben, His big sister Bethany, and His baby sister Olivia,  as well as Jim, Joe, Rose, Mama and Daddy,  and their good old Pyrenees- Caspian. 
 Daddy said they could go to Town with he and mama.   They are excited, because they rarely go to town.
Mama washes their hair and puts together warm, (it was 17 degrees out that morning)
 nice looking outfits for them to wear on their long journey.  
After a big breakfast,  everyone loaded up in the big white van,
blankets piled all around them to keep them toasty warm, and they headed off down the road.

By the time they are in Town, it is time for lunch.   They are happy to go out to eat, it is a special treat.

 In preparation for going to Town,  the children had made packets full of goodies to give away to homeless people.   They were delighted to find a homeless man to give their gift.   He smiled and said,"God Bless You!" 

Gabe was filled with wonder in ever…

On These cold Mornings

When awaking to weather in the  single digits,  one has to work up the courage to get out of  a wonderful warm bed piled high with down and wool and quilts.   But, coffee and hot chocolate reward the reluctant, as we gather around the wood stove. As the morning unfolds, it is warming up both inside and outside.

Clear, crisp nights means early sunshine coming up through the trees.

This week has been both productive and lovely.   The charm of a chilly house  is in layering up and snuggling under blankets, reading stories and sipping tea.  Cooking soup on the wood cook stove for lunch and a roast in the Dutch Oven,  these are some of the *loveliness* of winter. 

We have all been busy; some hunting (warning-graphic pictures coming up),  some schooling, some crafting and puttering.   Mama is getting ready for a big Thanksgiving dinner at the Lodge.   I made this centerpiece for the two long tables we will join together for the feasting.

Bethany has been loving her new kitty, (with ample &…

Our First Snow

It has been a quiet, peaceful week.   Praise the Lord!  I was in need of one. 
 Then, at the end of the week, it began snowing.  To me, the big fluffy flakes added to that cozy, peaceful feeling a Sunday afternoon so often takes on.
 The first snow, to all of us here at Providence Lodge, means paper snowflakes and sugar cookies. I love traditions,  and everyone adores this one,  however, I am not sure what is more fun:  making a gigantic mess, or hanging up the snowflakes that have been carefully created. Most likely, it is both.

Oh my!

After many failed attempts at good looking snowflakes,  my techno-geeky husband looked up a "How To" video on Youtube, and... 

Brian hung the snowflakes from the floor joists to create an indoor winter wonderland.

Meanwhile, Joe made the sugar cookies.

Blessings to each of you this day.   May Jesus keep you and yours close, and may you delight in His goodness and love.
Most Sincerely,