Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Our First Snow

It has been a quiet, peaceful week. 
 Praise the Lord!  I was in need of one. 

 Then, at the end of the week, it began snowing
To me, the big fluffy flakes added to that cozy, peaceful feeling a Sunday afternoon so often takes on.

 The first snow, to all of us here at Providence Lodge, means paper snowflakes and sugar cookies.
I love traditions,
 and everyone adores this one,
 however, I am not sure what is more fun:
 making a gigantic mess, or hanging up the snowflakes that have been carefully created.
Most likely, it is both.

Oh my!

After many failed attempts at good looking snowflakes, 
my techno-geeky husband looked up a "How To" video on Youtube, and... 

Brian hung the snowflakes from the floor joists to create an indoor winter wonderland.

Meanwhile, Joe made the sugar cookies.

Blessings to each of you this day.  
May Jesus keep you and yours close, and may you delight in His goodness and love.

Most Sincerely,



  1. Ahhh snow! We had just a dusting here in Spokane and it was gone just as fast as it fell.

    I have 6 pair of knitted socks for you and yours. I wasn't sure of sizes, but 2 are for children and 4pair will fit teens and adults.

    Please feel free to email me at queenbetsy2@gmail.com so we can figure out a way to get them to you. It's snowing and you'll need socks!


  2. What a great tradition! It doesn't snow here much but if when/if it does, I think I'm going to steal your idea and do paper snowflakes & cookies!

  3. I love your blog, and your writing, it is so peaceful, and I so LONG for those peaceful days of old (pre adoption of 4 with special needs) not that I regret the additions, just the intensity of the needs, and the lack of solitude/peace in our home now, and the lack of beauty-which is why I come back to your blog, to see the beauty I can't have in my own home.
    Not that I want snow yet-but I do love the picture of your home with snow covering it:)

  4. Beautiful!

    We have spent a lot of time trying to cute snowflakes too! We will have to look up a tutorial so we'll be ready for our first snow!


  5. Thank you, Julianne. I caught a bit of that snowy Sunday afternoon peace just reading here. Peace to you.

  6. Thank you, Julianne, I looked outside this morning and was feeling glum over the snow so early. Knowing I needed to keep a positive attitude for the children. After reading your blog I have decided to embrace it and we will bake some pumpkin cinnamon rolls and enjoy the cozy house. One of these days, we will have to come out and enjoy your wonderland.

  7. " Many Hands make light work "...so says the Amish. Many hands make beautiful paper snowflakes so says me :)

    Your home is beautiful with all the snow ...inside and out :) Blessings

  8. Your snowflakes are amazing! Ours never kook quite that good

  9. I love your home filled with traditions. It's so warm and cozy like a home should be.


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