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New Years Greetings

Well, hello there all my blog friends! 

 I really am still here, and doing fairly well.   What has happened the last three months?   A whole lot, which is why there has been no posting, until now.   Here is the scoop:
Last fall I began one of the busiest ministry season's of my life.  It happened bit by bit, and I found myself swimming....then just trying to stay afloat....and something had to give- which, for me, was media.  No more Facebook, no more Pinterest, no more blogging. And...I lived...barely.  Schooling, housecleaning, and our diet all took a big hit.  This winter and spring, my schedule will look more sane, and I am hoping to get back into the swing of how our family usually operates, all beginning this week, with a new daily routine, new menu plan, new schooling schedule,  and little else. (Hallelujah!)   You know you are at the end of your capacity when you cannot even keep the children's fingernails is just too overwhelming.  That's where I'…