Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Years Greetings

Well, hello there all my blog friends! 

 I really am still here, and doing fairly well. 
 What has happened the last three months?
  A whole lot, which is why there has been no posting, until now. 
 Here is the scoop:

Last fall I began one of the busiest ministry season's of my life.  It happened bit by bit, and I found myself swimming....then just trying to stay afloat....and something had to give- which, for me, was media.  No more Facebook, no more Pinterest, no more blogging. And...I lived...barely.  Schooling, housecleaning, and our diet all took a big hit.  This winter and spring, my schedule will look more sane, and I am hoping to get back into the swing of how our family usually operates, all beginning this week, with a new daily routine, new menu plan, new schooling schedule,
 and little else.
  You know you are at the end of your capacity when you cannot even keep the children's fingernails clipped..it is just too overwhelming.  That's where I've been.

We had a steady supply of company through the fall, which was wonderful.  We love company! 
 Some of our guests included a surprise visit from our daughter and son-in-love all the way from New Mexico, here to tell us in person that......yes indeed, they are having a baby!!!  We cried when we first saw them standing in our living room on a Sunday afternoon, and then cried again at the good news and answer to our fervent prayers. This grand baby #2, Scott and Anna's first child,  will make his or her appearance toward the end of June.  We are so excited!!

November brought deer season, adding substantially to an already full schedule.  At the end of the season we were very grateful to have all our tags filled, and 5 deer in the freezer (The short story for me is... the BIG BUCK got away, and a spike took his place in the freezer.) Wow, that was a lot of hard work!  It will be a while before I am ready to clean, butcher, cut and wrap 5 deer.

The end of November, on the way home from church, we were rear-ended by an uninsured drunk driver who was going over 100 miles an hour.  Miraculously, (and I do mean MIRACULOUS) there were no serious injuries.  After numerous trips to the doctor and chiropractor, more than one bottle of ibuprofen, a huge pile of insurance paperwork, the search for a new family rig, I think we finally have humtpy dumpty (or, our family life) back together again.

Thank goodness for new beginnings!  With a huge, huge sigh of relief, that season is over.  It was a rough one, but through it all, God is good. I am beginning 2015 with  a whole new appreciation for a dull daily life now (chuckle), and three things that are never far from my thoughts:

Life is fragile. We have become very aware of that after the wreck that could have taken lives, but for being sheltered in the cleft of the rock.  It is just a few miles from church to home, and anything can happen.  We take such things for granted far too much.

Life is tough.  Sometimes, what you are asked to take on your plate is more than you can swallow... and only by God's grace can you keep going. I believe I was doing what God had asked me to do in ministry last fall, I knew it would be hard, and sometimes God asks us to do hard things and trust Him.

Life is flexible.  What was true in my life three months ago is no longer true today.  Seasons of trial are just that, seasons.  They end, something new is coming, and we just need to be obedient and hang on for dear life.

And now...back to life as usual at Providence lodge,
 where we eagerly watch for the beauty in each day,
 we gather at the table in joyful thanksgiving,
 we work together to learn, 
we stop to have tea midday..just because, 
and we end the day with bedtime stories and a peaceful home.

  Right now, the sun is streaming through the trees, glimmering off the snow, and I see it.
  It is beauty and grace to me.  
That is new..again.  It has been lost in the kerfuffle of a frantic schedule, 
of physical suffering, in the chaos that has been. 
 And..it is good.  It is really, really good. 

Blessings To You in 2015,


  1. Goodness. I came online a few minutes ago and there you were! I've missed you and your family, congratulations on the grandbabies. So happy and grateful to know that you've come through the horrific accident well and whole in body and spirit, I'm glad you're back.

  2. Oh my Julianne! What a terrible accident that could have been! We were recently rear ended, by a driver who tried to not hit us. We are all fine too, though we had our 4 year old granddaughter and my 93 year old mother in law in the car! God is good.

    So happy for Anna and Scott! I am thankful that God has answered her prayers!

    So glad to see you back here on your blog.


  3. So thankful to hear from you again! Happy everyone is doing good and the blessing of a new grandbaby! May GOD bless you and your family this year!

  4. Julianne,
    So thankful that you and your family are doing so well. When I read about the wreck my heart just sank. I'm so grateful no one was seriously hurt. Thanks goodness for medication and doctors.
    Congratulations on all the babies!! Grand babies are especially sweet and squishy! I will be praying for Anna.
    My hubby was over my shoulder while reading your post. He skimmed and blurted out, 5 deer! We had a good laugh. We didn't get any this year, but he was very happy for you and your family. Deer roasts are the best!
    I hope your days are slower this coming season. I know as a mama, I can get overwhelmed with the days' tasks and become discouraged. You are a pastor's wife as well, and I hope there aren't too many expectations put on you. :) We can only do so much as wives and mamas. And you are right, Life is fragile, we need to cherish every moment we have with our family.' We never know how much time we have to make an impact on their souls.
    I treasure your "friendship" from afar.
    Many blessing to you and your family.
    By Grace Alone,

  5. I have missed you Julianne. I am so glad that you are all okay and that you are back. Thank you for sharing and for times of silence. I pray that you find the routine and the joy in every day little things. Like the sunshine in the trees. A nice cup of tea, just because. We all need that reminder. Some of us try to be superwoman and fail. Some of us are asked to do hard things and learn so much from them! I am praying for you and your family. Love you lots! Barb

  6. So happy to "see" you again! I am not a dedicated follower of blogs but have been sincerely blessed every time I read your posts. Your absence was concerning to some degree as I was praying it was not due to more health issues for your husband as you shared this past year. Greatest blessings be yours as you catch up & breathe!

  7. I don't take the local paper but did buy it one day last fall on a lark. I was shocked to read about what happened to your family. Your absence on your blog had all ready led me to pray for you. I am happy and relieved that you have "resurfaced" from your time of trials.
    Congratulations on the upcoming grand baby. Blessings to you and yours,

  8. Oh Julianne, I am so happy to have a post from you! So sorry about the accident and thankful no one was seriously injured. Excited to hear the news about your grandchild. I pray that you will have a quiet but fruitful winter with rest and continued time to seek His guidance. I missed reading news about your wonderful family!

  9. I have prayed for you in your absence and am grateful all is well. Praise God! Always.

  10. I am so happy to hear that you and your family are well and thriving! You have been missed.

  11. You have been missed! So sorry to hear about your vehicle accident, I know they are no fun. Glad nobody was seriously hurt. Praying for a new vehicle for your family. Congrats on your soon to be new grandchild! I love reading your blog and glad you are back. Just know that you were missed!

  12. Oh I also am thankful you are back! I have always enjoyed your blogs, pictures, stories and testimony of God's great love. Thankfully you were in great hands at the time of your accident. A simply reminder of how truly precious every moment is. I also took a media fast! I have been of Facebook since August. I do miss some of it but for the most part it is a relief! I find more time to spend reading and journaling, listening for his small voice in my ear so I am reminded to turn to God so much more throughout my day. We're truly blessed to live in the NEK where we have snow! It is lovely here. Congratulations on another grand baby! We were surprised also at Christmas time that our oldest son and his wife were expecting which would of been our first grand baby but two weeks ago she miscarried, tough to go through but all in the comfort of God, there is a reason. We shall wait, in time and believe they will conceive and carry fully to term. God is so good. You are a precious lady, from your post I marvel at all you do in taking care of your family. Thanks for sharing and look forward to seeing your post, love and joy g

  13. Dear Gayla, thank you for your kind words. I am praying for your daughter in law, I know how that is...


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