Friday, October 27, 2006

Wow! Friday already. Thought I'd post a picture of the family to introduce ourselves. We live in the mountains of North Idaho.  Each day the Lord has a lesson to teach me if I will listen. This week has been a trial. He has taught me that regardless of how stressed I get about all that needs to be done, He is still in control and has a handle on it. I just need to be faithful with what He has given me... including the 24 hours each day I am blessed with.
Winter is coming and the rush is on to get the roof over the house so that we can continue to work after the snow flies. In addition the roof will protect the logs and the wood I-beams that form the rafters. I also need to coat the outside of the logs with a mixture of boiled linseed oil and polyurethane. Before I can sheet the roof I need to level each rafter along the ridge pole (36 feet in the air) and then level each rafter with the outside cap log and purlin in between the ridge and cap log. Before I can do this I have to rough-in the first floor because I do not have a ladder tall enough to reach the ridge pole from inside the house. I am now accessing the ridge pole from a ladder set in the back of my pickup out front of the house. I should get a good deal of the floor joists in today and maybe some plywood over them in places so I can get the ladder in their and start on the roof. May the Lord give me wisdom as I go about these tasks today!!

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