Monday, February 4, 2008

Long Awaited Update - Snow, Snow and more Snow

After getting the roof on and getting most of the windows and doors in and the gable ends framed and enclosed we were hoping to get more work done during the winter months. That has not been the case. Just getting out to the lodge has proved difficult at times. We had over a week of subzero temperatures and at the beginning of that time we discovered that a small digital display on our charge controller had drawn the battery charge down to such a point that the batteries froze. We are still not sure how many batteries are ruined. During that time I (Brian) had resurrected my 4WD truck and was busting through the snow drifts trying to get in and out to keep a propane heater running in order to thaw the batteries. On one of the trips I got stuck and as I was working my truck pretty hard to get out I saw a flash in my mirror and looked to see my truck in flames. It was a complete loss but thank God I was able to get out and was not injured.

We have not accomplished as much on the lodge as we had hoped we would this winter, mostly due to a very busy winter schedule and some due to the weather. We did get all the windows in that we had holes cut for. the walls are insulated and we did get about 2/3rds of the outside chinked before it got too cold for the chinking. We also got two french doors installed. We are anticipating getting started again the first part of March, Lord willing.

What we have learned through these last few months is that this house belongs to the Lord and its finish date is in His hands. We will work on it as He provides the time and the finances; our job is to be faithful and patient!!

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  1. Hello from a fellow log home builders association member. My name is Gil Lawton, i currently live in Colorado. i took skips class in 1998. I have really enjoyed your site. it is a blessing for me to see other Christians in the Association. I thank the Lord for His blessings for you and your family, and i enjoy seeing your project come along. may the Lord continue to care for and provide as you seek and serve Him.


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