Monday, June 9, 2008

Here's the Answer!!

Now for the answers you've been waiting for. Let's see how you did. Did you guess that the first picture in our last post is a White Pine? Pines are typically identifiable by the long slender needles that resemble a bottle brush or chimney brush. We also have Ponderosa Pine (the tallest of the trees in the photo to the left), and Lodgepole Pine (tall slender trees in the photo below).

The second picture in our last post is the needles of a White Fir, also known as a Grand Fir. A White Fir is identifiable by the short flat needles that are set in in two rows on the branch.

Our third photo is of a Red Fir. Look closely at the photos of the White Fir and the Red Fir. They are very similar. Both have short dark green needles. However, the Red Fir needles are set all around the branch like a little bottle brush or the tail hairs on a Pack Rat ;-).

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