Monday, November 3, 2008

A Front Door and Some Heat

Last year we went door shopping and came home with a 7 1/2 foot tall knotty alder used door from a salvage yard for just slightly more money than a standard door from Lowe's.
We were pretty thrilled with it and, now that is installed, we are still thrilled with it. We were blessed to have some expert help from friend and fellow pastor Dave, who helped us build a jam for the door.
Again, it seems everything in connection with a log building is complicated and took longer than expected.
The lock set will establish a tone for more black metal fixtures inside the home, and really makes the door look great.

Meanwhile, Brian and Julianne have been working on a hearth for the wood stove that will be the primary heat in the lodge. We really have our heart set on a Kuma stove, with glass door and turned legs, but that is not in the budget at the moment so we have a free bee Blaze King set up. It is a super stove, but boy it is ugly!
We are modeling the hearth from a photo of a Kuma stove setup in their brochure. It will look like a fireplace with a stove set in it.

For the time being, the hearth is in phase one, with just the wood structure and stove sitting on it.
We have been gathering rock via a friend, and will be wrapping the entire hearth in stone and finishing it off with a log mantle.
Well, the stove is functional for the winter, and with the door on and all the cracks and crannies sealed up we are ready to efficiently heat our home, a good thing with snow in the forecast!
We have been blessed with an unusually pleasant fall, of which we are very thankful.
Now for some firewood!!

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  1. Woohoo!! The door looks great! And the stove may be ugly, but if it heats, who cares? :-)

    Can't wait til the lodge is sheltering your family!

    Mrs. Dole


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