Friday, April 16, 2010


Our family is on vacation.  Only we are not sure what we are supposed to do on vacation, since we are not in the habit of doing this.  Our usual idea of vacation is to go camping, where we sit around a campfire, or fish, or body surf, or shoot things.  This time, however, we are staying in a house on Camano island, WA.  The house is a respite home for Village Missionaries.  Ours is the big house, a 3 bed, 2 ba 2 1/2 story house near the ocean.  There is a rec room with a play kitchen, perfect for Bethany, a loft above the living/dining area with a desk and tv.  The weather is beautiful today.  The younger children are riding bikes up and down the driveway, Daddy, Anna and John are getting rich playing "Cashflow," and the rest of us are just hanging out.  If we can all be well at once, (see previous post ) we plan on visiting the zoo, aquarium, and science center, as well as attend the Christian Heritage Homeschool Conference in Kirkland.  We will be here for two weeks, so there will lots of time for rest.  I am looking forward to sleeping a great deal.  However, I am still a bit perplexed about not doing anything on rest days.  Do I wear a watch?  makeup? Make all the beds everyday?  It seems quite weird not to.  In fact, there are more than a few weird things about this, like eating cold cereal for breakfast, not having chores, or following a "to do" list.  Somehow, I think I will manage. :-)


  1. Julieanne,

    Camano Island is so close. I do hope you will call so we can see you briefly...We would love to give you each a hug!

    Julie and Mandi

  2. Dear Julie,

    Under normal circumstances I would say that that sounds wonderful. Unfortunately we are on our third day of the stomach flu here on Camano Island and at this point aren't making any plans. Some of us are on our second time through this yuck. Not sure what or who's next!!


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