Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ABC's of Character

Joseph and I were basking in the morning sunshine on the front porch.
  I was happily contemplating my day, thinking of phonics with Ben and Bethany. 
Joseph said something about godly character,
which mingled with phonics,
gave thought to playing a game of ABC’s of Godly character a young man should be developing . 
We had a lot of fun with it, and will likely continue the idea on,
making a verse study out of each character trait.
A is for Affectionate
B is for Brave
C is for courageous
D is for Dutiful
E is for Encouraging
F is for Friendly
G is for Generous
H is for Honest, although Heroic was a close second
I is for Industrious
J is for Justice
K is for Kind
L is for  Leader
M is for Masculine
N is for Nice
O is for Obedient
P is for Patient
Q is for Querist, we had to look in the dictionary for                      this one.  It means asking or inquiring.
R is for Respectful
S is for Self controlled
T is for Trustworthy
U is for Unselfish, we were stumped here,
                 but daddy came to the rescue.
V is for Valiant
W is for Wise
X and Y were duds
Z is for Zealous

Joseph is 11, beginning to become a young man. 
Every day, we are challenging him to deliberately practice godly character.
  In our Proverbs study, character comes up often, helping shape his values. 
My husband feels compelled to begin a one on one study with his boys when they are 10. 
  Together, in a quiet place, they read through and discuss "Created for Work,"  by Bob Schultz.
Currently Daddy and Joe are in "Boyhood and Beyond," also by Bob Schultz.
  Mama was amazed at the spiritual growth spurt our older son surged through 
when Daddy started these one on one times with him.
  Praises be, I have witnessed the same reaction in Joe.

Playing the ABC game has many facets;
at our women’s retreat one year, we compiled the names of God  by alphabetical order. 
Many times in my Time Alone With God, I think through character traits of my heavenly Father
in an alphabetical sense. 
Not just for children, ABC’s can help us reason through a theme for study,
contemplation or fun, maybe all three.
  If you have any more ideas on this line, please leave us a comment.

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  1. what a neat idea!!!! and i love the abc's of character idea...my next online study is "reknown" and we'll be studying names of God...now you've got me thinking!!!!


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