Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tea for Two and Two for Tea

Yesterday, these two happy children rambled about their little "camp"  having a tea party.  
It was too precious to pass up.
I felt I had been transported into a Sandra Kuck painting.

They danced, sang, chased robins, drank several cups of "tea", 
and finally were drawn away by the lure of kittens darting about their play area. 
Tea in the afternoon is always a delightful affair, don't you think? 
I smile as I watch them play.
 Brothers and sisters engaged in happy play is a joyous occasion for a mama.
For a little while, anyway, the 3,000 times I have told them to 
"Be Kind and Loving to Each Other" is paying off. 
I am reminded of a favorite quote from June Masters Bacher,
"Every act of kindness moves to a larger one
'til friendships bloom to show what little deeds have done."

Such sweet pastimes as these help in making brothers and sisters best friends.
It is often the simple pleasures in life, when shared with one another, I think,
that make for the most endearing memories.


  1. Aaaw! Simply precious and adorable! These are moments to live in and treasure. :)

  2. that was just too precious! My children at times play like that. While my husband and 2nd child are gone tonight I watched my oldest and youngest play, they played dress-up How be it my daughter dressed my young son in a dress. But the giggles and the squeals that drifted down the stairs was a much needed heart thing. Knowing that my children can at times put away their frustrations with each other and play and giggle and even squeal with delight warms my heart. I just hope that our new addition come november will blend in and will soon be among the giggles and squeals of delight. I need more heart warming moments! Thank you for sharing yours!


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