Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Beautiful Days

This has been an active week, full of beautiful things.
A visit to Nanny and Papa's house with cousins, my two brothers, 
and of course, pony rides. 
The beautiful lady with white hair is my mom.
The adorable 32" pony is Little Bit.

My brothers and I being silly.

Our family has a long standing  beautiful tradition of attending the Symphony concert in the park each summer.
Spreading a blanket on the grass, 
we all flop down and relax, listening to great music,
sharing a picnic,
 a lovely, lovely evening.

Watching Olivia dance during the William Tell 1812 Overture was definitely a highlight.

We have had opportunity to be on top of the mountains around here recently,
and the view is always just


  1. Great pictures! Everything looks lovely! :) I am looking forward to seeing your soon!

  2. Hello Julianne,
    I've just discovered your blog recently, and I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy visting! You communicate so much love for you family and friends and even with a full house of precious little ones so much peace and comes across the pages and the miles. I've read your older posts and they have rejuvenated my devotional time once again. Thankyou for taking the time to send beauty my way. Mrs. M

  3. So beautiful....I love the western mountains.

    Love the photo of Olivia enjoying the music!


  4. Julianne,
    Family traditions are wonderful. Our children are so blessed to be able to join in on many in our family. I enjoyed them as a child and now they are.

    Grandma looks like she enjoys the horses as much as the children. What fun having them to share.

    The mountains are breath-taking. I wish, at times, we lived closer to a mountain range. I would take far too much time just sitting and drinking in God's creation. That is probably why I live in Ohio.

    I like the picture of you and you hubby; you two make a great looking couple. You can see it in your eyes. They are the lamp of the body. :)

    As always, thanks for the post.

    By Grace,


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