Wednesday, March 27, 2013

All the News

Words simply are not enough. 
 I cannot, in any way, communicate how deeply touched and thankful we have been by all the emails,
 cards, messages, and prayers of people far and near, known and even unknown,
 which we have received this last month since our news of cancer. 

 We have been enfolded in a cloud of grace, 
living our beautiful little life here in the woods,
 and learning, researching, moving forward toward natural treatment.
  In this, making many many changes for our household,
(healthier foods and household products)
all for the good, 
but all in all, I have found these additions plus our "normal" life
 to be very, very full and often times, down right overwhelming.
Kind of like drinking from a fire hydrant.

It is a good thing to stop and count the blessings.

The children are by are unaffected by the "C" word and the direction we are headed, 
they have taken it right in stride, not questioning the new weird toothpaste in the bathroom,
 the alternative shampoo in the shower
 and the lack of sugary confections from the kitchen.

Gabe did, however, beg me with those big eyes of his one day,
 batting long lashes at me, 
his little face upturned looking me right int he eye.
  "Pleeeeease make me cookies, mama?" 
 Looking for a sweet 4 yr old kiss, I replied, "What will you give me if I make you cookies?" 
 To which he smiled ever so sweetly and answered, 
"One of Ben's pennies."  

Well, he got his cookies, to say the least. 
 I'm dreading him growing up, this, the sweetest, almost last little one of ours. 

The other children have been largely off adventuring in the woods each day
 now that most of the snow is gone and the sun has been warming up the last of the winter chill.
They can be found by following a ribbon of smoke which makes its way up through the tall pine trees,
 for they are big into building up a camp fire to warm themselves 
while about their play and make believe black op adventures.

Our three milk goats are looking very fat and will soon be kidding.  
We have the shed all ready for them and are looking forward to the kids being on the ground 
and the fresh milk soon to come.
I am guessing we will have twins out of the two older does, for they are huge,
 and the younger doe about half as round.  
Could be any day now!

Rose just celebrated a birthday, and will be graduating soon.  
We are praying and planning for what is in store for her next year.
I hope ya all have been over to visit her blog ( "Set Apart"on the side bar)
and see what God is doing in her heart,
 as well as more of her beautiful photography. 
 She and Gabe will be trekking south to visit Anna and Scott in a few weeks.

John and Michelle are making wedding plans for August. 
 They are just so cute together!
They are looking for a home here locally. 
 With just over 4 months till the wedding,
 we are praying hard and looking forward to seeing what God will provide.

Brian is feeling good, eating no sugar or carbs, not even fruit.
  He is sleeping better and losing weight, and so having more energy and clearer thinking. 
 It has been a good move for us. 
 We are so very thankful for the people that God has put in our lives to help us with natural treatment,
 friends who have been there for us all along, whom we trust.

God is so good.

Brian has just kept agoin',
with that big smile on his face..
the one that makes those handsome crinkles near his eyes...
 trusting the Lord with his cancer, and being about His work.
 He hasn't complained, or whined, or even had a moment of weakness or self pity.
 He is a big guy with a big heart, everyone who knows him will say,
now it is very evident,
 he has a big faith too.


  1. Great update!

    Happy birthday to your daughter! Your kids are adorable. John and his fiance' are a great looking pair. How neat to watch them prepare for their life together.

    Thank you for updating about Brian and the direction your headed with his treatments.

    God is good all the time.


  2. The Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you, the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace. The peace that we all need and especially you in these moments.
    i am from Romania, you became very dear to me and every day i am looking forward to see if you post anything. i love your family. i am praying for you.
    your sister in Christ, Mirela

  3. Dear dear Julianne...

    Know that you are loved, thought of often, and above all, prayed for. I know we meet often at the feet of Jesus.

    Much love


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