Friday, December 6, 2013

What We Are Reading This Advent Season

Advent is upon us.
A season of Hope, 
and Joy.

Christ has come!
And though we have longed for heaven,
we can not reach it, and so,
Heaven came down.
Gratitude pours forth,  Oh  how thankful I am!!  

Our family, cat included,
is relishing the time of drawing near to the Savior.

  One way our family does just that is by devoting our evening reading to that of Christ's coming.
In years past, we have loved reading and re-reading
These wonderful Books,  by Arnold Ytreeide.

but  though we love them, this year we are trying out something new, 
along with our beloved Advent book.

I found  25 readings for Advent from The Jesus Storybook Bible on Pinterest.  
This is just right for our little ones. 

click here:  advent reading plan

advent reading plan

And inspiration for the rest of us comes from a well loved author and blogger, Ann Voskamp, 
with her new book, The Greatest Gift
 Ordered on Amazon, it was delivered to our door in two days.  

 In the bittersweet cold, sub-zero weather,
 we draw near the fire, 
gathering to read about the one True Light. 
 The One who warms our hearts with his love.  
Who gives us hope.  
In whose presence is peace found,
 and joy immeasurable.

Advent is a gift to unwrap and cherish.
Come and draw near.
Come and adore him.
The gift
is His presence.


  1. Thanks for the tips.:) And the beautiful feeling I get every time I read and see your blog...

  2. Thank you for this post. Although we don't have little ones at home, it also has good ideas for us adults. I had a lovely time with you Thursday morning and I thank you again for the tea. I really think I've slept better the past few nights after a cup in the evening.

  3. Thank you for sharing what you are reading during advent. ~~Cricket

  4. I love how the kitty is sleeping near Jesus! I too just purchased Ann's new book!


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