Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Vacation Memories at the Lake Cabin

We just spent an entire week at a remote lake cabin completely unplugged.  
Had it been in Idaho, I might have stayed there. 
 I can easily identify with the hermit lifestyle; 
quiet, peaceful, lots of time for pondering and planning (some of my favorite pastimes)
 and did I say quiet? 

We were so blessed with beautiful weather  the whole week.  
And, we thoroughly enjoyed it while we were gazing at the lake, 
either from the porch or from a boat. 

Here at home, a large storm is brewing, with one of the blackest clouds we have ever seen here 
heading right our way.  
The trees are swaying..it will hit here soon.  
Therefore, the children have come inside from their afternoon excursions
 and are gathered at the table to color and listen to an audio book...
..the perfect rainy afternoon activity.

With a pot of soup simmering on the stove for dinner,
 I thought I would quickly add our vacation pictures while my bread is rising, 
so here goes....

Lake life is easy to get attached to.  
Water is so relaxing-- be it the beach, the lake, or a river, even a pond.  
There is just something about water that speaks tranquility to me.

The lake was brimming with trout, so this became the main occupation for our week there, 
at least for the boys.
  Although Brian and I like to fish, we spent the majority of our time just staring at the water,
 or watching the children play and fish.

I did play in the dirt with the littles,
 making tiny homes for tiny wee folks whom we imagined would come and live there.
My, I haven't done that for ages.  It was great fun!!


 Ben loved watching the Eagles swoop and dive to catch fish, then fly up into the tall trees and roost.  
He never tired of it, although it happened all day- everyday.
One roosted right above me in the very tree I was leaning on. 
 We listened to their squirrel like chatter and tried to imitate them. 

We also heard a Barred owl right behind the cabin every evening, 
but never could spot it in the huge cedar trees, 
though we climbed over all sorts of dense underbrush and bracken looking.

Playing together and hanging out together all week  gave us old folks a nice relaxing get away. 
 The children had lots of fun, too, with all the new surroundings to investigate, 
new swings to play on, and the irresistible water.  
We had all the extravagances of  grid electricity:  like a dryer, a microwave, a toaster, 
and showers whenever we wanted,
 (you off grid people KNOW what I'm talking about!!) 
so we really felt quite spoiled and well rested.

Still, at the end of the week, everyone was excited to get home. 
 As we crossed the Idaho state line, there were loud
(and I mean LOUD!!)
cheers from all.

Vacation was wonderful-but,
There's just no pace like HOME.


  1. Beautiful pictures of a healthy and happy family. I'm glad you were able to relax and enjoy your time, but you're right, there is NO place like home.

  2. Once again I've enjoyed your post about life and family. Don't stop. It's about the best way to journal that I know of!

  3. So beautiful and encouraging to see a family enjoying time away together like that. You all inspire me, and I thank God for His blessing to you. :)


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